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Wells Council discusses theater options

By Staff | Jan 29, 2012

Jeremy Germann

The city of Wells is going to take a hard look at whether they should fill the position of manager of the Flame Theatre, or possibly change the way the theater is managed.

Long-time theater manager Michael Milks submitted his resignation at last Monday’s Wells City Council meeting.

City Administrator Jeremy Germann says he would like some time to examine how – or even if – the position should be filled.

“This is an opportunity for us to look at the position’s job description and see if any changes are necessary or warranted,” Germann told the council, which agreed with delaying any immediate decision on filling the post.

“I think we will re-evaluate how we can manage the theater,” Germann told the Register after the meeting. “Whether or not to fill the manager’s position or handle it with current staff.”

Germann says examining the needs before just hiring a new person makes sense.

“It would be similar to what we did with the community development position,” Germann says. “Not that we will necessarily come to the same conclusion. We just took the time to study what we need.”

The city administrator says he and the Flame Theatre Board will be the ones to study the issue and then will make a recommendation to the full council.

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