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Caucus night in Faribault County

By Staff | Feb 12, 2012

State Sen. Julie Rosen addresses the Republican caucus in Delavan.

The Republicans in Faribault County followed the state-wide trend and selected former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum as their choice for a presidential candidate.

More than 100 people attended last Tuesday’s countywide Republican caucus held at the former high school building in Delavan.

There were 109 straw votes cast at the caucus and Santorum received 62 of them, for 56 percent.

In second place in the county was Ron Paul with 24 votes (22 percent), third was Newt Gingrich with 13 votes (12 percent) and last was Mitt Romney with 10 nine percent).

State-wide Santorum won with 44.9 percent of the vote, while Paul garnered 27 percent, Romney 16.9 percent and Gingrich 10.8 percent.

Before the straw vote was taken, Faribault County Republicans listened as letters were read from each of the presidential candidates. Several persons present also spoke in favor of two of the candidates.

The county Republicans heard from state Sen. Julie Rosen and state Rep. Tony Cornish as part of the caucus.

Then the large group broke into smaller groups by voting precincts. It was at these smaller caucuses that the straw votes were taken, issues debated, and delegates elected to the Republican County Convention to be held in Wells on March 3 at 9 a.m.

“We were very pleased to have such a big turnout,” says David Murray who was elected caucus chairman. “This is grassroots politics the way it should be. It is great this many people are showing an interest and taking time to come out to the caucus.”

Murray and Bonnie Resius of Bricelyn are co-chairs of the Faribault County Republican Party.

Murray says each voting precinct selected delegates to the county convention.

“The number of delegates varies by precinct,” Murray says. “It is based on one delegate per 30 Republican votes cast in the last general election.”

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Caucus night in Faribault County

By Staff | Feb 12, 2012

John Huisman

The Minnesota-Democratic-Farmer-Labor party (DFL) met at two locations in Faribault County for the state’s caucus Tuesday night.

A group of 15 participants from the western side of the county met in Blue Earth and 25 attendees from the eastern side of the county gathered in Wells to take a preference vote for president and discuss prominent issues in the party.

“We had a very energetic crowd,” says Gary McKinley, caucus chair of the Wells meeting. “A lot of good discussion took place.”

Current president, Barack Obama, won support in a landslide earning the preference from all 40 combined attendees at the two meetings.

“I would have liked to see more people there,” says John Huisman caucus chair of the meeting in Blue Earth. “In my opinion, our political parties have fallen so far apart the public has become disenchanted and more people are falling in the independent category.”

At Blue Earth, Huisman was elected caucus chair, Brian Roverud parliamentarian and Glenn Gaylord and Tom Willette were nominated as tellers.

Participants representing the western side of Faribault County brought forth a number of resolutions they wish to include in the party platform developed at the state convention.

Resolutions passed by the group at the Blue Earth Senior Center included:

• Opposing any ammendment that would require a super majority vote to raise taxes or use reserve funds at the state level.

• Opposing a state ammendment that would require a government issued photo identification as a precondition to voting.

• Reinstating the glass seagull act. The federal bill would enact tougher controls on banks.

• Pass legislation to maintain door-to-door mail delivery

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