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Wells sets land sale hearing

By Staff | Feb 12, 2012

Jeremy Germann

Wells residents will get their chance to say how they feel about a business wanting to move into a residential zoned area.

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a meeting for 5 p.m. on Feb. 22 in the City Hall conference room.

Last month, the owner of Schrader Enterprises purchased a former mobile home park for his landscaping, lawn mowing and snow removal business.

The sale is contingent on a conditional use permit being issued or the R-2 property being re-zoned to commercial.

On Monday, members of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission discussed the options at their monthly meeting.

“We have an industrial park. Why aren’t they going out there? It is just sitting out there empty,” commission board chairman Steve Nowak asked City Administrator Jeremy Germann.

“It would look nice to have a couple of houses there,” adds commission member Larry Majeski.

Commission member Crystal Dulas wanted to know why the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) sold the property to a business when someone wanted to buy it for residential use.

Germann says the HRA?board two months ago seriously considered having the trailer park re-zoned.

And, he says the Economic Development Authority board more than a year ago denied Schrader Enterprises’ request to locate in the north industrial park.

Tony and Peggy Mosser, who own about five acres near the property, voiced their opposition to Schrader’s plan.

Tony Mosser says owning a home isone’s biggest investment and having a business nearby would have a negative impact.

“What does that do to your home’s value? I’m speaking from my heart. All I’m asking is look into your hearts when you decide,” he says.

Under city ordinance, conditional uses in an R-2 district include professional offices and low-intensity services operations.

“The question is, “What is permissable under a conditional use permit?” The board has to decide that,” says Germann.

Peggy Mosser says a lot of unknowns such as the type and size of building to be constructed and what performance standards will be applied.

The Mossers say issuing a conditional use permit for commercial use would be no different than re-zoning the property.

While most on the commission do not favor re-zoning the property, they can not make a decision until a public meeting is held.

“I’d like to know about their (Schrader’s) long-term use,” says commission member Carol Aske.

Whatever the commission decides it is only a recommendation that the City Council will have to vote on.

Germann says commission members have 60 days to respond once application has been made for a conditional use permit.

“If you don’t make a decision, the permit automatically goes into effect,” he says.