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Super salesperson: Elmore girl sells 1,068 boxes of cookies

By Staff | Apr 1, 2012

Girl Scout cookie season means different things for everyone. Most will do what they can to support the local troop.

To the girl scouts, cookie season is a learning experience.

The girls set goals for selling cookies. The Elmore Troop was encouraged to sell 200 boxes each, which would cover a weekend at the Great Girl Gathering.

Fourth-grader Kelsi Holt, a member of the Elmore Troop, was ready to set her goals high. She was the first to reach the target of 200 boxes.

Kelsi then proceeded to sell 600 boxes. She worked hard and quickly accomplished that goal.

Her mom, Dayna Price, said Kelsi would be on the phone with customers, organizing visits to their homes to sell them boxes of cookies.

“On her days off from school, Kelsi would be out knocking on doors,” Price says.

Kelsi continued to challenge herself to sell more boxes of cookies. After she had met her goal of 600 she went on to 800 which was just short of her record last year.

She continued to be successful in meeting her goals, and decided to aim for 1,000 boxes of cookies.

On March 23, Kelsi had sold 1,000 boxes of cookies, with 13 boxes left in her inventory.

The average Girl Scout in a rural area sells 156 boxes during cookie season.

Kelsi finished her cookies sales with a final count of 1,068 boxes.

“I just knocked on pretty much every door,”?Kelsi explains.

The purpose of selling cookies is to help participants learn how to set goals and build confidence and character.

Kelsi not only showed confidence in her skills, she also showed character.

When a troop mate was unable to meet the initial goal of 200 boxes, Kelsi decided to make up the difference to help her troop mate attend the gathering.

Kelsi has been in the Girl Scout program at the Brownie level for two years and is now a first year junior.

She was top salesperson for the Blue Earth Area Service Unit last year which consisted of 68 girls.

Kelsi will be named the top salesperson for the unit again this year, which now has 74 girls in the area.

As a result of successfully setting and meeting all of her goals, Kelsi has won several prizes along with her weekend at the Great Girl Gathering at the Mall of America.

“I got a digital camera and a netbook,”?Kelsi says. “I wanted the netbook last year.”

Kelsi’s family jokes that she is such a good salesperson, she could sell ice to the Eskimos.

“I’m not shy,”?Kelsi says. “Never have been.”?