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County gears up for summer road work

By Staff | Apr 22, 2012

Scott Morgan attended the April 16 Faribault County Commissioners meeting on behalf of Minnesota Department of Transportation to clear several changes that will occur in the county.

Minor alterations to drainage structures are going to occur along State Highway 109.

“We are focusing on highway 109 from Winnebago to Easton,”?Morgan says.

The minor alterations will affect different culverts along the highway.

“There is a culvert west of Delavan, we’ll put in a concrete culvert there,”?Morgan says, “The hydraulics of the road will be better.”

The discussion of culverts brought up talk of another ditch that could use some attention that wasn’t mentioned by MnDOT.

Commissioner Tom Loveall had some concern over County Ditch 7 which from his knowledge has been the area of several car and snowmobile accidents.

“Could you extend that culvert out to your right-of-way?” Lovell asks.

“If you could come up with more information on accident reports,”?Morgan answered, “Without any accident reports we can’t take any action.”

Commissioner Bill Groskreutz thought maybe the accidents didn’t cause injuries that had generated reports that would have been a concern to MnDot.

Morgan suggested that they check with the sheriff to find any accident reports which might pertain to this ditch so they can take action.

With that ditch included, the list of minor projects to be looked at contains six items.

“Let’s get them all covered at this point,” Loveall says. “Getting these done is very prudent, so we don’t have issues in the future.”

County Engineer John McDonald also came to talk about roads and bridges.

The new bridge on CSAH 1 is eligible for bridge bonding. McDonald sought board action to pass the resolution to access these funds. Half of the new bridge will be paid for by bridge bonding.

Reconstruction of CSAH 16 was also discussed as bids had come in for the project.

“We only had two bids for this project,”?McDonald says. “The low bid came from Ulland Brothers of Albert Lea.”?

The county has done work with Ulland Brothers in the past and McDonald felt they would be best for this project.

Finally, construction on I-90 this summer has created a need for CSAH 17.

“Minnesota Department of Transportation would like to use 17 as a detour route during the construction,” McDonald explains. “We will receive $1,748.25 for letting them use that.”

“Are there any known issues on that road?” Loveall asks. “If anything goes wrong, the $1,748 might not cover it.”

In other business:

Linsey Warmka of the Faribault County Development Corporation presented the board with a quarterly update. She was especially excited to share the success with the welding project they had finished.

“Eleven people were trained and out of those, eight people have been placed in jobs,”?Warmka says.

The program set out to train people for jobs that were in need of workers skilled in specific areas.

FCDC asked around the community to see what jobs needed to be filled and welding was in high demand.

“It was such a success, Fairmont will be holding one as well, and many other communities are picking up on the idea,”?Warmka adds. “A lot of businesses say there will be another shortage in welders so we could pick the program up again as well.”

The Faribault County Board of Adjustment is currently low on members. The previous four members has been reduced to two.

The county board will have to begin looking for people who might want to become involved.

“We just need to find people who are interested and decide whether they are qualified by looking at their background,” Commissioner John Roper says.