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Chautauqua Circle honors Lill Robinson

By Staff | May 6, 2012

Mitchell Chautauqua Circle hosted their annual luncheon May 1 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Blue Earth.

Lill Robinson was honored as this year’s Woman of Achievement recipient at the luncheon, and took a little time to thank everyone for the award.

“I was speechless, I?know that’s hard to believe,”?she says.

She also explained her display which was based on Felineland, something she used throughout her teaching years.

Since cats are Robinson’s favorite animal, she shared a story about her cat and life lessons we can learn from felines.

“I?like to remember to channel my inner kitten,” she says.

Perhaps that’s what keeps her motivated to give back to the community with such a positive outlook.

Along with Mitchell Chautauqua Circle presenting Robinson with her award, people attending the luncheon were able to enjoy a little extra entertainment. Select students from the Blue Earth Area High School music department attended the luncheon to perform music before the meal.

Two solos and a group song were performed, one of them being a song from the musical Cats which happened to fit in perfectly with the theme of Robinson’s favorite animal.

The lunch was catered by the Amboy Cottage Cafe and was followed by a speaker from the Blue Earth Area.

Deb Wiederhoeft from Blue Earth was the speaker for the afternoon, sharing stories that tied in with the circle’s reading list from the past year.

The reading list came down to a theme of justice and judging others.

“Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes,” Wiederhoeft says.

The event ended with Weiderhoeft’s moving speech, allowing time afterward to visit and congratulate Robinson on her achievement.