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Land sale in Wells called off

By Staff | May 6, 2012

A Wells landscaping business will not re-locate to a former mobile home park along County Road 29 after all.

“Nobody wanted us out there in the first place. We’re not going where we’re not wanted,” says Arnie Schrader, owner of Schrader Enterprises.

“We decided to withdraw our proposal,” he adds.

The landscaping company purchased the 2.65 acres last January for $18,500.

A month later, the City Council approved a conditional-use-permit allowing the company to operate in a residential zoned area.

The action came despite a Planning Commission recommendation to deny the permit and opposition from residents in the area.

Also, an engineering firm hired by the city advised council members to reject the application.

Under the resolution, to obtain the conditional-use-permit the company was required to submit a drainage plan for city officials to approve.

“We didn’t want to pay what it would cost to have engineers go out there,”

Brad Heggen of Heggen Realty, the real estate firm selling the property for the Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA), would not say if Schrader Enterprises has pulled out of the deal.

He says the purchase agreement will likely be addressed at the next HRA?meeting.

On the business’ website the property is still listed for sale at $25,000.

Currently, Schrader Enterprises leases the city’s incubator building for $750 a month.

Schrader says his company is still looking for a new site, but they aren’t in any hurry.

“We’re taking our time, dragging our feet,” he says. “We’ll just wait and see what happens. Maybe a better location will come along.”

An option could be the city’s South Industrial Park.

Recently, Bolton & Menk Inc. was paid $3,325 to determine how much it would cost to bring water, electric, sanitary and storm sewer service to four lots.

The preferred option for the infrastructure improvements totaled about $371,700.

The city’s portion is estimated to be $120,700, while the city Economic Development Authority would pay $196,800 and Wells Public Utilities $54,140.