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Blue Earth is location for a music video

By Staff | May 8, 2012

A small-town girl who decided to follow her dreams to the Big Apple, is back home in Blue Earth to shoot her new music video.

Makenzie Caine, a graduate of Blue Earth high school, moved to New York City to pursue her passions of singing and acting. She has decided to bring her Minnesotan roots into her next project.

“She was in the cities shooting some footage for her video and will come shoot on the farm as well,”?Shelley Greimann, Makenzie Caine’s mother says.

Caine developed a program in Nov. to help earn funding that would go towards her new album. She was then able to begin production on Take This Town; her debut album.

The album allowed Caine to write her own songs and use songs she has already written.

“My album is a lot about my journey as a starving actress and singer,”?Caine jokes.

She returned to Minnesota to incorporate Blue Earth into the video for Take This Town which is about leaving home to pursue her dreams.

“This song is sort of my anthem,”?Caine says. “It describes the journey I’ve been on following my dreams.”

Caine described her music as Indie pop mixed with a country feel.

“We worked with some people who worked with Ingrid Michaelson on her albums as well,”?Caine says.

The video production also has several Blue Earth natives helping in the process, including Jim Ankeny and Janie Hanson.

Ankeny describes some of the creative visions that are being incorporated into Caine’s music video.

“We filmed in the Twin Cities to depict Makenzie’s move to New York,”?Ankeny says. “Now we are back in Blue Earth to film shots of her at home and leaving her hometown.”

The crew hopes to gather extras from the Blue Earth Area to help with some scenes on May 6 at 1 p.m. on Main Street.

“I?thought it would be a nice shot to have people lining Main Street and wave as we film Makenzie leaving her hometown,” Ankeny explains.

Along with filming in town, Caine and her crew also ventured out in the countryside to get shots near the family farm.

“I’m just a small-town girl at heart,”?Caine says.

And, that’s what Caine was really interested in depicting with this song.

To find out more information about Caine’s music and album you can go to makenziecainemusic.com.