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Murder case delayed

By Staff | May 20, 2012

A mother and daughter waited patiently for the start of a hearing for a 29-year-old Ceylon man charged with murder.

But, volumes and volumes of evidence continued the omnibus hearing for Brian Daniel Freeman scheduled for Monday.

He is accused of entering a Blue Earth residence in the early morning hours of Feb. 20 and murdering 37-year-old Christopher Michael Fulmer.

Also seriously injured were Freeman’s wife, 38-year-old Candace Freeman, and her two teenage daughters.

It was the first time Candace Freeman and one of her daughters have attended a court proceeding.

Freeman faces seven felony counts that include murder and attempted murder.

On Monday, defense attorney Scott Cutcher asked Judge Douglas Richards to continue his client’s omnibus hearing for 60 days.

Faribault County Attorney Troy Timmerman agreed with Cutcher, saying there was more than 1,600 pages of reports and more than 20 CDs.

“In a case like this the amount of evidence we have is not usual, but I think we’ll have more lab analysis than the other two homicide cases I was involved with,” Timmerman says.

Freeman and his attorney have already waived the right to a 28-day requirement to hold an omnibus hearing.

Both attorneys and Richards asked Freeman if delaying his next court appearance was OK.

“Yes,” Freeman replied.

Timmerman says the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has completed blood splatter analysis and the next step involves DNA work.

He says a lot of evidence still needs to be processed and expects it will take some time.

“It’s taking so long because the BCA, like any other agency, is facing budget cuts and has less manpower,” he adds.

Cutcher says the hearing on July 18 should take about two hours.

In the past, the defense attorney has said he will challenge statements Freeman made to authorities, whether evidence was legally seized and if his constitutional rights were violated.