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BE Council takes action on hazardous building

By Staff | Jun 3, 2012

Property on Main Street was the topic of discussion for council and public at the regular Blue Earth City Council meeting held May 31.

The building that has been considered in hazardous condition, located on 119 North Main St. in Blue Earth, was the subject of a public hearing.

“This property is not habitable in any fashion,”?City Attorney Dave Frundt says.

City Administrator Kathy Bailey went along with a consultant from INS engineering firm hired by the city to inspect the building.

Bailey said there was cracking occurring on the south side, crack in the back side of the building, sections of siding missing on the north side and issues with the garage in the back of the building as well.

“We also noticed the interior showed signs of water leakage,”?Bailey adds. “The water looks to have leaked clear through to the basement level.”

These repairs would need to made plus checking things like electricity to bring the building back to a habitable status.

“It would cost $303,550 to restore this building,”?Frundt says. “The cost to tear down the building would only cost $115,700.”

Frundt thought the only issue the council may run into with this property is possible estate issues.

“With the recent passing of one of the former owners, we could run into estate issues,”?he explains. “This is something that will require some looking at, to be sure this is not the case.”

The issue will be brought to the property owner through served papers.

“Before the papers are served to the owner we will have figured out if its an estate issue and will go from there,”?Frundt adds.

In the meantime, some of the people in the public are concerned about vandals and children from the community entering the hazardous building.

“We have changed the lock on the door,”?Bailey says. “The upstairs to the building is locked. We unfortunately can’t do much more.”

The council voted that property owners should follow the recommendation of the consultant.

Another concern was the nuisance violation at 305 East 10th Street.

This property had excessive garbage at the location. The owner, who resides in Denver, touched base with the council about cleaning the garage and progress has been made since then.

“We will continue with this property in the next couple weeks to see how much progress has been made,”?Mayor Rob Hammond says.

The council discussed work that is being done to update zoning ordinances relating to garages.

“We are making provisions relating to garages being considered primary structures,”?Frundt says.

Changes would depend on property needed by the owner if the garage is on an adjacent lot. Dimensions remained the same from last month’s council meeting, Frundt opened it up for discussion.

“It is what it is,”?council member Rick Scholtes says. “Nothing has changed from the last meeting.”

The council will continue this until June 18 for the final vote on the ordinance.