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Princess Kay of the Milky Way attends dairy social

By Staff | Jun 24, 2012

The princesses stand back and watch their teams compete in the cow chip throwing contest at the dairy farm social.

Throwing cow chips, guessing the weight of pigs and winning door prizes might not be how you typically decide to spend a Tuesday night.

However, that’s the only way the Faribault County Dairy Association thinks a party should be thrown.

People from the Faribault County area flocked to the Sahrside Dairy in Bricelyn on June 19 for the yearly Dairy Farm Social.

Every year a different dairy farm in the area is selected to host the event, this year the Sahr family was chosen.

The Sahrs have about 1,160 cows for milking, not to mention additional heifers and cows that are calving.

The Dairy Farm Social is organized every year as an opportunity to educate people on dairy products and where they come from.

This is a concept that the guest of honor that night, Mary Zahurones, feels strongly about.

Zahurones was crowned Princess Kay of the Milky Way in August 2011 and has attended many events since, including a few here in the county.

“These get-togethers are my favorite events,”?she says. “I can come out and talk to people about dairy farming.”

Marcia Milbrandt the coordinator in Blue Earth, arranges for Princess Kay of the Milky Way to attend the Dairy Farm Social every year.

“When I called to line everything up, they told me this princess had a bit of a drive,”?Milbrandt says.

She decided to try to arrange a day full of activities before the social as well.

So, along with the Dairy Farm Social Mary Zahurones, joined by the Faribault County Dairy Princess Corin Sohn, visited St. Luke’s, Juba’s SuperValu and the Elmore Library.

The princesses visited the residents of St. Luke’s and served them ice cream treats. After that they handed out samples of milk at Juba’s. Finally, they went to the Elmore Library where they held a story-time for the children.

Zahurones is orignally from Pierz and grew up on a farm with her parents and five siblings. There they had dairy as well as a Gold N’ Plump barn where they raised chickens.

“We would raise them for 42 days and then spend eight days cleaning.”?she explains. “Then we would get more in, that always keeps us busy.”

She is currently a student at the University of Minnesota and will be a Sophomore when she returns in the fall. She is working on her bachelor’s in nursing and will continue to get her doctorate as a nurse practitioner.

Zahurones stays very busy with the events she attends during the summer. One of her first duties as Princess Kay of the Milky Way was getting her face carved out of 90 pounds of butter at the Minnesota State Fair.

What happens to the butter head after the fair?

“After they get done carving your face it’s only about 75 pounds,”?she says.

It took about eight hours to finish the sculpture of the princess’s face, taking a break every hour or so.

“Well there wasn’t enough room in my house for the 75 pound butter sculpture,”?she jokes. “We’re going to have a butterhead meltdown in my hometown.”?

People are going to dip their cobs of corn into her face at that time.

On a more serious side of her activities from her reign as the Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Zahurones has spent a lot of time visiting classrooms.

She has visited a total of 27 schools where she spends a whole day jumping from classroom to classroom. She has spoken to about 6,000 students.

“I visit with kids about dairy and where it comes from,”?she says. “I correct a lot of misconceptions about dairy products, like chocolate milk coming from brown cows.”

She is also a part of a program called Fuel up to Play 60 which encourages students to eat nutritionally, including three servings of dairy and to participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

“To become Princess Kay, one of the requirements is to be knowledgeable about dairy and act as a role model,”?she says.

She is doing just that as she continues visiting with dairy farmers for her last couple of months as Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

The dairy social ended as the sun went down, after the forty pound pig was figured out and the cow chips had been tossed as far as the wind would carry them.