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Commissioners OK joining boards

By Staff | Jul 22, 2012

After much debate, the Faribault County Board of Commissioners finally agreed to allow a combined board to be formed.

The concept to combine planning and zoning with the board of adjustments was first brought up at the regular June 19 county board meeting by Michele Stindtman, program administrator of Faribault County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The July 17 meeting was held at the Faribault County Fair in ‘the tent’ for the first time ever, where Stindtman was present to answer any more questions on the issue.

At the previous board meeting, the commissioners were not ready to approve the hybrid board idea because they wanted to make sure no extra issues would come about.

“The board asked me to check out any conflicts that may arise,” County Attorney Troy Timmerman says. “And, there really doesn’t seem to be anything major.”

He did state that, should the boards combine, they would need to make sure it was quite clear when one section of the meeting ended and the other began.

“But, if we do increase membership, then fees go up,”?County Commissioner Tom Warmka says.

However, that concern was relieved by Stindtman, due to the fact that combining the board would bring the membership from 13 people to 10 total.

The benefits of combining the board would allow for a smoother process for applications.

“It would make it easier to meet on a monthly basis,”?Stindtman says. “This way both would be available at the same place, at the same time.”

The need for an alternate sitting on the board would become less necessary since the board could agree on a set meeting day every month.

“This will be more effective and more efficient,”?she adds.

If any person needed to meet with either board in a more timely matter than the set monthly date, they will always have the option of a special hearing.

The next step is to appoint chair and vice-chair for the board.

“The board of adjustments is to elect their own chair and vice chair,”?Timmerman adds.

In other business;

Commissioner Bill Groskreutz brought to the meeting a new program for prescription drugs.

The program is called Coast to Coast and is offered at no cost to the participant or the county.

“This program has been picked up by Blue Earth and Douglas Counties,”?Groskreutz says.

The board agreed it is a program worth looking into.

“Something like this helps the local economy because people are saving money that they can spend shopping locally,”?he adds.

It is also not going to affect the drug stores.

“I say we get more information on this program,”?County Commissioner Tom Loveall agrees.

Bruce Meyer was hired as a county maintenence employee.

Meyer is from Blue Earth and has many years of related experience for the position.

“He has had numerous years of experience with heavy equipment operation as well,”?Groskreutz says.

John McDonald, county engineer, received quotes for road deicing salt.

The lowest quote came from Central Salt out of Elgin, Ill., the same company that received last years work as well.

This years cost will be $65.79 per ton compared to last years cost of $61.07 per ton. The total cost for this year comes out to $26,316.