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USC school vote Tuesday

By Staff | Aug 12, 2012

The Minnesota State Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, August 14.

The primary election gives voters the chance to select which political party candidates they would like to see on the Nov. 6 general election ballots.

Minnesota’s primary is an open election, so voters do not need to register with a specific political party in order to vote.

Voters, however, can only cast a vote in one political party column.

This year the residents of the United South Central School District have another important reason to head to the polls during the primary.

The school district which covers Bricelyn, Easton, Kiester and Wells will be using the primary ballot to vote on whether or not to pass the bond to buy land and build a new school.

Votes will decide if the school board will be allowed to issue bonds for the $28,825,000 needed to acquire the proposed land and construction of the building.

The open primary ballot also contains voting for federal office candidates in the Independence, Republican and Democratic parties.

Stephen Williams and Glen Anderson Menze are the Independence Party candidates running for U.S. senator.

The Republican candidates for U.S.?senator include; David Carlson, Bob Carney Jr. and Kurt Bills.

Democrats running for U.S.?Senator include; Jack Edward Shepard, Amy Klobuchar, Dick Franson and Darryl Stanton.

Also on the ballot for the primary are Republicans Mike Parry and Allen Quist who will be running to see who will be selected to be the Republican Party candidate for U.S.?Representatives for District 1.

The only Democrat on the ballot for U.S.?Representative, District 1 will be Tim Walz.

The primary ballots will also contain voting for Judicial office in the Supreme Court.

Lorie Skjerven Gildea, Jill Clark and Dan Griffith will be the candidates for Chief Justice.