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Several upsets in area races

By Staff | Nov 11, 2012

In the election results in Faribault County from last Tuesday’s election, there were several upsets with incumbents losing to challengers.

Here is a wrap-up of the results of many of the races in the county.

City Elections


Perhaps the major upset of the local elections came in Winnebago, where incumbent mayor Randy Nowak was defeated by write-in challenger Jeremiah Schutt, 310 to 286.

In the race for two seats on the Winnebago City Council, Rick Johnson received 415 votes and Jean Anderson had 400 votes and were elected. Robert Perryman had 178 votes.


Incumbent mayor Keven Sullivan was defeated by challenger Bill Hurd in Elmore, 134 to 113.

In the council race, Edrys “Eddy” Viland had 197 votes and Pat Coupanger had 181 votes and both were elected.


Bryant Stiernagle was elected mayor of Easton with 73 votes, while Brian Sonnek received 39 votes.

Lanny Johnson with 87 votes and Jon Rath with 68 votes were elected to the council in Easton. Jennifer Stiernagle received 53 votes in the race.


Incumbent mayor Arlen O’Brien defeated challenger Bob Carroll, 105 to 66.

Mary Jo Klingbeil with 102 votes and Mike Henning with 92 were elected to the two open council seats. Jodi Thompson received 73 votes, Robert Bremer 51 and Dawn Haskins 13.


Incumbent Kiester mayor Jeanne Brooks defeated challenger Rick Stoneman, 166 to 132.

Josh Halvorsen received 251 votes and Richard Jensen 184 and both were elected to the City Council.

Minnesota Lake

Jeff Ramsley led the balloting for the position of mayor of Minnesota Lake with 154 votes and was elected.

Jerry Klein received 99 votes, James Durfee 47 and Cory Greff 34.

Lonnie Stenzel had 278 and Edith (Edie) More 211 votes and both were elected to the City Council positions open. There were, however, also 117 write-in votes cast.


Ron Gaines, running unopposed, received 1,057 votes and was elected mayor in Wells.

Gary Robbins had 905 votes and Ashley Seedorf 806 and both were elected to the two open seats on the council.

In a special election to fill another open seat on the City Council, John Herman defeated Bob Waack, 790 to 312.


No one was on the ballot for mayor in Delavan, but Kevin Walker led the write-in ballot total with 23 votes. Tom Hoffmann had 10 and Merlyn Ottesen tallied seven. Eight other persons also had at least one write-in vote.

Ottesen was on the ballot for City Council where he received 72 votes. Lowell Borgos had 36 votes and both were elected to the two open seats on the council.


In two uncontested races in Frost, Brian Loge was elected mayor with 94 votes and Lee Lincoln with 98 votes and Jared Bruellman with 91 were elected to the council.


Also in two uncontested races in Walters, David Meyer was elected mayor with 30 votes and Nonna Goin with 29 votes and Steve Brenke with 28 were elected to the council.

Blue Earth

Richard Scholtes, running unopposed, was elected mayor of Blue Earth with 1,418. There were 80 write-in votes.

Incumbent John Huisman defeated challenger Chelsey Haase in the Ward 1 race, 287 to 237.

Glenn Gaylord was re-elected to the Ward 2 open seat, running unopposed and garnering 549 votes.

Former councilman Dan Brod was elected in Ward 3 with 415 votes.

Neil Eckles, Lars Bierly and Bernie Kriewell were all elected to the Board of Public Works in Blue Earth with 1,260, 1,201 and 1,235 votes respectively.

The ballot question to change the Blue Earth City Charter to have the percentage of votes needed to change the charter go from 51 percent to 60 percent passed with 1,024 yes votes to 486 no.

The question whether to have all the council members elected at-large, but still keep the three wards. also passed, 926 yes to 626 no.

School Board

United South Central

Four persons were running for three open seats on the USC School Board.

Mike Schrader garnered the most votes, 1,970, followed by Kathy Krebsbach with 1,697 and Stephen Navara with 1,583. All three were elected to the board.

Molly Loegering came in fourth with 1,067 votes.

Blue Earth Area

There were also four persons running for three spots on the BEA School Board.

Winning election were Frankie Bly with 2,789 votes, Mark Maher with 2,527 and Dawn Fellows with 2,265.

Incumbent Shane Becker came in fourth with

1, 911 votes.

County races

Incumbent Tom Warmka won re-election to the District 5 commissioner seat by defeating challenger Paul Bach, 1,240 to 338.

Incumbent John Roper was re-elected to the District 1 position with 1,300 votes and incumbent William Groskreutz Jr. was re-elected to the District 3 seat. Both were running unopposed.

Milton Steele and Neal Mensing were elected to the Soil and Water Conservation Board with 6,736 and 6,749 votes respectively. Both were unopposed.

United Hospital District

Several seats were open on the UHD Board of Directors. All the candidates were running unopposed.

Elected were: Dale Brandsoy (At-large), 3,350; Dennis Zitnak (City of Blue Earth), 1,463; Larry Anderson (City of Frost), 101; Melanie Humburg (Township of Prescott), 102; Brenda Baldwin (Township of Blue Earth), 201; Douglas Johanson (Township of Winnebago), 98.

No name was listed on the Town of Verona UHD position on the ballot. Barb Hanson received three votes to lead the selection. There were 16 others who received one or two votes each.


Town of Blue Earth

Richard A. Smith won the township supervisor seat one position with 215 votes. Tim Blagg won election to township supervisor seat two with 216 votes.

Denise Paffinger won the position of town clerk with 216 votes.

Town of Kiester

Jeff Passer received nine write-in votes for the position of township supervisor seat C which had no one listed on the ballot. Six others received at least one vote.

Tim Engebretson was elected to the township supervisor seat A position with 113 votes.

No one was on the ballot for township clerk, but Glenda Yost received 13 of the 22 write-in votes cast.

The Kiester Township question on the ballot concerning taking care of rocks and weeds in ditches adjoining properties passed. There were 75 yes votes and 59 no votes.