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BE council sets 2013 levy at 3.6 percent hike

By Staff | Dec 9, 2012

There were no surprises at the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing held on Monday during the regular Blue Earth City Council meeting.

After closing the regular meeting at 6 p.m., the council held the state-mandated hearing.

City Administrator Kathy Bailey reviewed the proposed budget which showed projected revenues of $3.495 million and expenditures of $3.424 million for 2013.

“If the budget works out as planned, we will have excess funds of $71,150,” Bailey says. “My proposal is that those excess funds would go into the street improvement fund.”

The budget means the local tax levy will be at $1.165 million for 2013, which is a 3.6 percent increase over the current year. The council had previously set a maximum amount of levy increase at 6.7 percent.

Mayor Rob Hammond then closed the hearing and reopened the regular meeting, at which time the council formally adopted both the 2013 budget and the local tax levy, at a 3.6 percent increase.

No members of the public were in attendance at the Truth in Taxation Hearing, which lasted less than 10 minutes.