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County passes CUP despite some protests

By Staff | Jan 20, 2013

A hot topic conditional use permit made its way to the Board of Commissioners for approval at the meeting Tuesday.

After requiring two hearings with the Faribault County Planning and Zoning Board, the conditional use permit request made by Bob and Tom Loonan of Loon Inn went in front of the County Board for approval on Jan. 15.

The owners of the Loon Inn located in Lura Township outside of Easton, requested a CUP to add a building for classroom use.

The planning and zoning board originally met on this permit on Nov. 20 when the public hearing was held. The issue was tabled to review informational items and was revisited by the board on Jan. 8 when they decided to recommend that the commissioners approve the request.

“By rule of thumb, I?like to support the recommendations made by Planning and Zoning,”?Commissioner Tom Warmka says.

Conditions attached to the approval of the permit included adding markers on the property to indicate when they were 500 feet away from neighbors and that shots are not to be fired after 6 p.m.

“I?don’t see why they need to be done with activities by 6 p.m.,” Commissioner John Roper says. “During daylight saving the sun doesn’t set until 8 at night.”

Neighbors of the outdoor recreation facility also attended the County Board meeting to make a final plea against the approval of this permit.

Jay Juberian was worried about his children playing outside when shots are being fired so close by. He also stated with gunshots going off late at night the children had a hard time sleeping.

Larry and Sharon Swenson, also neighbors of Loon Inn, stated their concerns as well.

“We all know stray bullets happen,”?Sharon says. “This is just an accident waiting to happen. Please deny this permit.”

After hearing testimonies from the public, the board was ready to make a decision on the matter.

“I?think we just need to work together and compromise,”?Commissioner Greg Young says.

Commissioner Bill Groskruetz questioned how much supervision is available when children are a part of these events.

“Maybe you can make sure to have a one to four adult to youth ratio,”?he suggests. “That will hopefully reduce the level of potential for horseplay.”

After hearing the other side of the request from the public, Roper understood the need for the 6 p.m. requirement.

“The children should be able to rest,”?he says.

The board passed the resolution which approves the conditional use permit for the Loon Inn.

The conditions of the permit include;

a review every two years;

a maintenance fee;

added vegetation to prevent pollution of the Maple River;

septic and wells must meet standards;

local, state and federal licenses be obtained;

permanent marker be set for the 500 feet requirements, and;

notice of events be presented to neighbors 10 days prior.

“The two-year mark will be a good time to see how things are going and make sure these requirements are being followed,” says Michele Stindtman, program coordinator of the Soil and Water Conservation District and Planning and Zoning.