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Seniors receive Triple ‘A’ honors

By Staff | Jan 27, 2013

Carter Hanson and Krista Hassing

Two Blue Earth Area High School seniors have learned the importance of time management, which is why they are Triple ‘A’ award winners.

Carter Hanson and Krista Hassing have been selected for the honor this year.

A male and female student are recognized for their participation and excellence in the three A’s academics, arts and athletics which are the three things keeping Hanson and Hassing busy all year round.

Hassing made an effort to become active in the school and community at a young age, which has continued on through her high school career.

“It’s such an honor to be chosen for the Triple ‘A’ award and to represent our school,”?she says.

Hanson agreed that it was nice that they were both acknowledged for their hard work.

These two students have quite a list of accomplishments. Hanson is involved in National Honor Society, Peer Helping, Project Trust, jazz band, band, wrestling, baseball and football.

“I think that’s everything,”?Hanson jokes.

Hassing’s list of activities is just as long. She participates in Student Council, National Honor Society, yearbook, band, choir, Peer Helping, Seeds, DARE, Madrigals, 12 Bucs Plus Change, percussion ensemble, volleyball, basketball and track.

And since the two of them are seniors this year they are looking forward to going on to college in the fall.

Hassing has signed on to play volleyball and study nursing at Minnesota State University-Mankato.

She has already started preparing for the workload by taking AP and college classes while still in high school.

“Right now I’m taking government class as a college credit,”?she says. “But, my favorite classes are anatomy and physiology.”

Hanson has applied to and hopes to attend college at St. Johns, St. Thomas or Gustavus. He plans to go into the field of pharmacy and play football.

“I’ll go for a four-year degree in bio-chemistry and then go on to grad school,”?he says.

Hanson says that science and math classes have become his favorite which is why he chose the field of study he did.

These two students say that they do actually find free time despite all of their activities.

“Sunday’s are a good day to relax and hang out with your family or friends,”?Hanson says.

Hassing agrees but also admits that it’s a little weird when there’s some down time.

“I do think, ‘well, what do I?do with myself now,'”?she says. “Because, there is always something you could work ahead on.”

That is a habit that both students have picked up due to their need for time management.

“Schoolwork comes first,”?Hanson says. “Then, you kind of have to plan study time around sports.”

He says it sometimes requires late nights or early mornings to fit studying in around other activities.

“It takes a lot of planning ahead,”?Hassing adds.

The fact that these students take time to consider the next thing that needs to be completed for a class is probably why Hanson sits at a 3.993 GPA and Hassing at 4.019 and still manage to play sports year round.

“I am always looking forward to playing sports,”?Hanson says.

He is always a little sad when one season ends because he won’t be playing with the same teammates the next season.

“It’s that way especially this year since we’re seniors,”?Hassing adds.

Hanson has participated in football all four years, was named all-conference three years in a row and all-state two years in a row.

He’s wrestled at BEA all four years, was named all-conference four years in a row and all-state three years.

In the spring season Hanson plays baseball which he has also participated in all four years and was all-conference last year.

Hassing has played volleyball, basketball and track all four years of high school as well.

She was all-conference for volleyball three years in a row and all-state this year.

She was all-conference in basketball starting in tenth-grade and continuing through to her senior year.

Hassing also was all-conference the last three years in track and when she was in the eighth grade.

So, even though these two seniors may just seem busy they enjoy every activity they are a part of whether it be band, choir, sports or National Honor Society that is why they have been chosen for this recognition.