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Singleteary woes continue

By Staff | Feb 3, 2013

There may be a number of reasons why Singleteary Food Solutions in Wells isn’t up and running.

Now, you can add paperwork to the list.

That’s according to a couple of state agencies, one in Minnesota and another in Delaware.

“They aren’t registered to do business in the state. They failed to re-file and were revoked,” says Bert Black, legal adviser of the Office of Secretary of State in Minnesota.

The agencies website lists Stephen B. Singleteary as the registered agent of the limited liability company (foreign).

The company’s original filing date of registration was Dec. 16, 2010, with a renewal date of Dec. 31, 2011.

Singleteary Food’s home jurisdiction is shown to be the state of Delaware, with its headquarters office address in Wilmington.

Black says the company’s registration was revoked on Aug. 7, 2012.

Thus, the business’ status is labeled “inactive.”

He says company officials may still be able to perform “passive actions,” such as banking and real estate transactions.

“It’s going to be more expensive for them to be re-instated. But, they’ll have to do that to operate,” he says. “They can’t do business in the state now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sued.”

In Delaware, where Singleteary Food is incorporated, the story is the same. “The limited liability company is active, but they are not in good standing because they haven’t paid their tax,” says Chris Portante, community relations coordinator.

The Delaware Secretary of State website says a company not in good standing must pay the state $250, plus a late fee of $200 and interest to be current.

“If they continue to not pay, the company will be voided and not be a legal entity,” he says.