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Bloom says he is shocked

By Staff | Apr 1, 2013

The day after the City Council made his termination official, the just-fired Wells city administrator wasn’t lost for words.

And, Steve Bloom wants some answers.

“No one on the council talked to me. What in the world happened? This kind of knocked me over,” says Bloom.

“I’m very disappointed in what they did. I never had any time to defend myself,” he adds.

On Friday, March 22, Bloom talked with City Attorney David Frundt.

He was told two councilmembers had filed a complaint and were going to ask the others to fire him immediately.

That is why did he not attend Monday’s meeting, Bloom says. “He (Frundt) was going to give me time to draft a letter, so I could resign gracefully to pursue other interests,” he adds. “That never happened.”

Bloom was hired last October at an annual salary of $60,000, plus benefits.

Under a seven-page agreement, the council may end his employment with the city at any time for any reason.

However, an involuntary termination requires the city to provide six months of severance pay equal to his monthly salary and must also pay health insurance and other benefits for six months.

Also, Bloom must be paid any accrued and unused vacation time whether or not he was voluntarily or involuntarily fired.

“I believe I have a wrongful discharge claim,” says Bloom.

He claims to never have seen the complaint and plans to seek legal advice.

According to Bloom, he was hired to make positive changes in the city and believes he was laying the groundwork to do so.

“I thought I had some good things going,” he says. “I have a lot of questions I need answered by people. I’ll stay here as long as I have to, to get them.”