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USC board concerned with sports donations

By Staff | Apr 28, 2013

Donations to the school went under fire at the United South Central School Board meeting on Tuesday.

“I’m noting that several of the donations are from the athletic boosters club, and if you look over the donations from the past two years, the donations to boys sports totals approximately $2,400 while the donations to girls sports is $800,” says board member Sharon Parriott.

Those amounts did not include the cross country or track teams because both genders benefit from those funds.

“My concern is the inequitable donation amounts and potential liability to the school for additional funds to be consistent with Title IX,” explains Parriott.

“This is something they are aware of,” Chairperson Kathy Krebsbach responds.

Parriott agreed saying, “I know it is difficult to give equally. But, that’s a pretty significant difference.”

She went on to say that the athletic boosters club does do some great things, but she believes this issue needs to be addressed.

The board accepted donations in the amount of $11,738.62. Parriott was the only vote against.

Also discussed Tuesday evening was the fact that the USC?School Board has been short one member since February when Kari Jacobson stepped down.

Now, they have three candidates to choose from: Crystal Dulas, Brad Heggen and Dale Stevermer.

The current board decided to set up a formal interview process for those three who submitted a letter of intent.

The board will come up with a list of questions that will be asked of all the candidates. Based on the answers given, the board will decide which candidate best suits their needs.

A special board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 at 5:30 p.m., to accept bids for the second part of the new school building project and to interview the candidates.

In other business;

The board approved the City of Wells Developers Agreement for improvements associated with the USC school addition.

Superintendent Dr. Jerry Jensen was given a performance review rating of 4.65 out of 5.

The board decided to eliminate the deaf or hard of hearing position and receive those services from the Special Services Cooperative.

A contract with Riverland Community College was renewed for the placement of nursing students for clinical experience through Dec. 31, 2016.

The decision was made to turn June 3 into a staff development day rather than a student attendance day.