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W’bago council member resigns

By Staff | May 5, 2013

The Winnebago City Council will be short one council member at their next meeting. On April 22, current member Stacy Huntington-Scofield sent her letter of resignation after two-and-a-half years of service.

The council will consider approving the resignation at their May 14 meeting. At that same meeting, they will make a plan of action on how to proceed.

“The building we live in was sold,” explains Huntington-Scofield. “And we couldn’t come up with an agreement with the new landlords that worked for everyone. We found something in Blue Earth.”

Moving from Winnebago to Blue Earth forces Huntington-Scofield to resign.

“It was not an easy decision,” she says. “We thought we’d live there for good.”

The reason she and her family are not staying in Winnebago is simply because they didn’t find what they were looking for.

Huntington-Scofield was originally from Waseca but grew up in Blue Earth. Her husband, Stacey, is from the Winnebago area.

In some ways, this move will benefit them. Huntington-Scofield works in Blue Earth, so it’ll be closer to her job.

She needs to be out of her apartment by May 15, the day after the next council meeting.

“I didn’t think it made sense for me to vote on issues for a city I wasn’t going to live in anymore,” she explains.

So, the April City Council meeting was her last.

“At the next meeting the council will most likely accept the resignation and declare a vacancy,” says Winnebago City Administrator Chris Ziegler.

He says that in the past, the council has opened the position to applicants and conducted interviews to find the new candidate.

“That is what I’ll recommend to the council,” states Ziegler. “A special election is not necessary. The council has the right to appoint anyone to the position.”

The new council member will finish Huntington-Scofield’s term as opposed to starting a new four-year term.

Despite moving out of town, Huntington-Scofield says she will come back to enjoy activities such as Moto Fest and the Craft Brew Fest.