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Wells City Council creating new dog ordinance

By Staff | May 19, 2013

The City of Wells is putting its foot down with new pet regulations.

The City Council was presented with a new animal ordinance proposal at the regular meeting last Monday.

The council members took time to review the proposed ordinance and what it would regulate.

It was drafted to include the following:

Dangerous or potentially dangerous animals;

Prohibiting pets to run at large;

Impoundment, redemption and unclaimed animals;

Animal control and clean up;

The process to be followed if someone is bitten by an animal;

and penalties resulting from the above actions.

“I?think it is high time that we have these regulations,” council member John Herman says.

Council member Anne-Marie Schuster agreed and asked the police chief Jim Ratelle if this ordinance covered all the bases.

“Yes, and I already know a couple residents that I will hand deliver this to,” he says.

Schuster also asked if there were additional ways to spread the word about the new ordinance.

Deputy City Clerk Deb Redman said she would be able to put it on the city website.

“It is important we begin enforcing this right away,”?Ratelle adds.

Ratelle also attended the meeting to update the council on police department business.

He informed the council that the Wells PD, along with other agencies from around Faribault County, will be seen in Wells performing seat belt enforcement.

“It is part of the Toward Zero Death campaign,” Ratelle explains. “So, you will see a lot of enforcement around town on May 31.”

Ratelle also updated the council on the radio upgrade. He says that it has been working pretty well so far but has experienced some hang ups on the city-wide channel.

“I have been in contact with the company to try and figure it out,”?he adds.

In other business;

The city is moving forward on the Second Avenue sewer improvement project.

They made a motion to approve the bids be accepted prior to the June council meeting.

“That way we can approve them at the next meeting and get into the projects by the end of June,”?Travis Winter of Bolton and Menk says.

Mike Pyzick, assistant street supervisor, attended the meeting to discuss some needed repairs on streets and sidewalks.

A couple sidewalk sections along Broadway have become an issue and would need to be replaced.

“I think they should be fixed, these could be a hazard,” Herman agrees.

The council will hold a public hearing on June 10 about repairing the sidewalks. The three affected property owners will be notified.

Krista and Paul Thomsen of Wells, who have expressed interest to the United South Central school board about purchasing the current school building, attended the council meeting.

They came to ask the council for any advice on how they should proceed in purchasing the building.

City Attorney David Frundt suggested that the couple schedule a meeting with him and Mayor Ron Gaines.

“We’re not trying to pull business out of the downtown area, we want to bring new life into town,”?Krista Thomsen adds.