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Burglary suspect changes her plea

By Staff | May 28, 2013

Back in February, five individuals from the Winnebago area were arrested in connection to burglaries that had been happening in the area.

Alleged crimes connected to the case included methamphetamine paraphernalia and possession, and receiving stolen property, among others.

The suspects included: Tessa Lyn Anderson, Chase Sheppard James, Anthony Paul Diaz, Sr., Anthony Paul Diaz, Jr., and Cody Diaz.

On Monday, May 13, Anderson pled not guilty at a hearing that took place in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, she was whistling a different tune.

She pled guilty to endangering a child, 5th-degree drug possession and fleeing a police officer on foot.

Why the change of heart??No reason was given.

During the second hearing of the day, Anderson explained that her child was never in the room while they were using, and the meth pipe found near the child’s monitor was at the listening end of the monitor, not the one in the child’s room.

Anderson also stated that she only used meth once or twice over a four month period.

As part of her plea agreement, she will be on furlough from the prison on the condition that she complete in-patient treatment and go through the county Drug Court if she’s deemed eligible. If she does not pass the program or does not complete it for whatever reason, she will be brought back to serve more time.

Chase James also appeared recently in the courts. An omnibus hearing is set for June 10. Currently, the judge is considering the request to dismiss the warrant to search James’s residence as his public defender believes it was wrongfully approved.

Anthony Diaz, Sr., was sentenced on April 15, entering a plea of guilty.

Anthony Diaz, Jr., has a jury trial set for Aug. 16 of this year.

Cody Diaz is due to have a plea hearing on June 10.