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Finding ways to spend $22,000

By Staff | May 28, 2013

The Faribault County Veteran Services Office has been busy lately.

One major thing keeping them busy is finding ways to utilize a grant which is geared toward outreach projects.

Dave Hanson attended the Faribault County Board meeting Tuesday to inform the commissioners of his plans moving forward.

The grant of $22,098 was awarded to the Veteran Services Office and was approved at the May 7 meeting.

Since then, Hanson has been looking into different locations for billboards and ideas for informational flyers.

“We are making brochures to distribute that inform veterans of benefits,”?Hanson explains.

However, the progress on the billboards has slowed. He told the commissioners that he hasn’t had luck finding placement for the billboards. The road construction on Highway 169 has become an issue as well.

“I did talk to Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDot) and they told me that construction will be done and the billboards could go up by Oct. 1,” he adds.

The billboards are currently in the design phase, and will be created to direct area veterans to the Faribault County Veteran’s Service Office.

Hanson also informed the County Board of a vision he has for Faribault County and sought the commissioners support in pursuing it.

“I?have been interested in trying to get a community-based outpatient center (CBOC) for veterans in Faribault County,” he explains. Hanson told the commissioners this would not only be a benefit for area veterans, but it would also create jobs and economic development for the county.

“This would be a win-win-win situation for Faribault County,”?Commissioner Tom Loveall agrees.

Commissioner Tom Warmka asked Hanson if the board could do anything to help, such as providing a letter of support.

“Some CBOCs like Mankato are too busy and you can’t get in,”?Warmka adds. “Then you have some veterans that can’t travel.”

Hanson said that any support the commissioners can give would be greatly appreciated.

And, although this is still just a vision for Faribault County, he is hoping that it will become a reality in the future.