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J. Weerts chosen in Winnebago

By Staff | Jun 9, 2013

The four current Winnebago City Council members cast their votes on Monday evening, unanimously deciding that Jonathan Weerts was the man to fill the vacant council seat.

At the end of April, Stacy Huntington-Scofield resigned from her post as council member due to an unexpected move out of the city of Winnebago.

As part of the May City Council meeting, the remaining members decided to accept applications and conduct interviews to fill the vacancy.

On Monday, June 3, Robert Perryman and Jonathan Weerts were interviewed individually for the position. Each were asked the same questions by the council members.

After the interviews, the council discussed their thoughts on the matter and then cast anonymous votes tallied by Mayor Jeremiah Schutt.

All four council members wrote in Weerts as their number one choice for the position, listing Perryman as their second choice.

During his interview, Weerts states that he weighs the pros and cons of any decision and he will do his best to make it to every council meeting.

There were eight questions asked by the council members and the mayor. One question was posed by Schutt, “What are some of the positive things that you see happening in Winnebago?”

Weerts says, “The new memorial is a great thing, I think. And keeping the parks clean with the money available.”

He has had some experience working with budgets in the past. Weerts has worked with contractors to keep projects on budget.

When asked what qualities set him apart from the other applicant, Weerts responds, “Each person has their own unique thing that they do.”

He will be continuing Huntington-Scofield’s term, which will be up at the end of 2014.

Weerts will officially begin his duties as city council member at the next regular city council meeting set for Tuesday, June 11 at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Center.