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Assault charges filed

By Staff | Jun 30, 2013

Assault, riot and misconduct landed Matthew Beck in the Faribault County Jail Sunday night.

Beck has been charged with four counts:?assault with a dangerous weapon, riot in the second degree armed with a dangerous weapon, riot in the third degree with unlawful force or violence and disorderly conduct. The first two are felonies while the latter two are misdemeanors.

According to the filed complaint, Beck went to the Elmore Police Department Sunday night to report that he’d been attacked by a group of South Africans “for no apparent reason.”

The officer on duty, Andy Haken, interviewed Amy Garvick, Beck’s girlfriend who was reportedly a participant in the attack.

“Garvick told Officer Haken that she and Beck had been at the Legion in Elmore to start the night. When the Legion closed, the group of South Africans invited both Beck and Garvick to their residence to cook food and continue to socialize,” the complaint states.

“Garvick rode to the residence with one of the South Africans. This upset Beck, who followed in his own vehicle,” the complaint continues. “When Beck arrived, he accused Garvick of being sexually involved with a number of the South Africans. Garvick told Beck this was ridiculous and left on foot.”

Later in the evening, it was reported that Beck eventually returned to Garvick’s home all bloody. At that time, the complaint states, “Beck told her that the South Africans jumped him and that it was her fault.”

Without having the full story from Garvick, Officer Haken also interviewed Brady Tesch who was with Beck and Garvick for the first part of the evening’s events.

The complaint states that Tesch did not go with to the South Africans’ home. “However, once at home, Tesch could hear yelling from the 203 East Mondale (residence) which is where the South Africans lived,” according to the complaint.

It continues, “When Tesch arrived at 203 East Mondale, he found Beck being extremely disrespectful to the South Africans.”

Both Tesch and one of the South Africans, Werner Esterhuizen, states during their interviews with Officer Haken that Beck was verbally abusive to the South Africans.

“Esterhuizen told Beck that he was being disrespectful and needed to leave the property. Beck then made a sudden aggressive move towards Esterhuizen who then struck Beck,” the complaint states.

After being told to leave the property again, Beck complied.

“A few hours later, Officer Haken was again called to the 203 East Mondale address. Beck had returned to the address with his father and brother. When Officer Haken arrived, there was a loud argument going on. He was informed that Beck had a knife and had attempted to stab one of the South Africans. Officer Haken arrested Beck who had in his possession a silver knife,” the complaint concludes.

Beck has been scheduled for a Rule 8 appearance on July 8 at 1:30 p.m.