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County doesn’t want bill for Frost demolition

By Staff | Oct 20, 2013

The Faribault County commissioners weren’t too keen on the idea of footing the bill for a house demolition in Frost.

The home had been lost in a fire and was currently sitting empty and proved to be a hazard in its current state.

Faribault County auditor and treasurer John Thompson informed the commissioners it would cost $10,000 to remove the remains of the home, backfill the basement and level out the ground.

Usually, the costs would first fall on the city, or partially on the city and the county.

“The last time I spoke with the mayor in Frost, I was under the impression they were going to contribute,”?commissioner John Roper says.

However, at the time of the County Board meeting last Tuesday, that was no longer the case.

“The mayor backed out of participation,”?Thompson says. “So, that means they will no longer get the deed for the parcel.”

The commissioners understood the site is currently a liability to the county and needs to be taken care of, but they were concerned about the other cities in the county.

“What about the other communities who have taken care of things like this on their own?” commissioner Tom Loveall says. “It’s not fair.”

There have been homes in similar situations and other cities in the county have been prompt at taking financial responsibility for cleaning them up.

“Why would someone in Winnebago who pays taxes want to pay for a house in Frost when they pay for one in their own town?”?commissioner Tom Warmka asks.

The commissioners made and seconded the motion to get it on the table for discussion, but when it came time for a decision, they voted against it and the motion died.

“I think we should have contact with the city so they understand where we’re coming from,” Warmka says.

They will be contacting the city of Frost to potentially attend the next city council meeting to discuss this issue.

The commissioners also heard from Michele Stindtman of Faribault County Soil and Water and Planning and Zoning Commission about a conditional use permit.

The request comes from Midcontinent Communications, to install a 72-count fiber optic cable in the county-owned right of way along County Road 62.

The County Board approved the request and Midcontinent Communications hopes to begin work as soon as possible.