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Wells will use Mapleton pound

By Staff | Nov 17, 2013

Instead of taking lost cats and dogs straight to the impound, residents will go directly to the Wells Police Department now.

The City Council passed a motion last Tuesday to accept an impound contract between the city and All Pets Medicine, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Clinic, in Mapleton.

The police department will be provided with a key for access to the All Pets Clinic and will place food and water for animals upon impoundment.

“The contract with every town we have an agreement with is identical and has worked great,” All Pets Clinic Dr. Tim Klein says. “That is very important to us. We have never had a problem stemming back to our first agreement with Mapleton in 2003.”

The agreement states that any unclaimed animals will be held for five business days and at the end of the holding period, the animal will be disposed of by the All Pets Clinic in accordance with Minnesota statutes dealing with Euthanasia or Adoption.

The Wells Police Department will approve all adoptions and will be informed by All Pets Clinic of owners who contact them about their animal, but refuse to reclaim the animal.

For reclaimed animals, the owner must pay all fees to All Pets Clinic before reclaiming their pet. The owner pays a base impound fee, a boarding fee per day, in addition to a rabies vaccination and/or additional fees.

A base impound fee for dogs is set at $45 and $40 for cats. The boarding fee per day is $15.

All Pets Clinic will forward information on reclaimed animals to the Wells Police Department.

The agreement also states what needs to happen for pets suspected of having rabies.

All animals are required to be held for 10 calendar days if the pet potentially has rabies.

“Rabies doesn’t seem like a catastrophic problem, but it can become one,” Klein says. “No one survives rabies once they start showing symptoms. It is deadly and a problem we don’t ever want to face, so we use extra precautions.”

The pets suspected of having rabies may be released to the owner for the 10 day holding period if written authorization is provided to the All Pets Clinic by the Wells Police Department.

Unclaimed rabies suspected pets will follow the “unclaimed animals” guidelines previously listed above, except the City of Wells will have to pay All Pets Clinic $150 for dogs and $110 for cats.

When it comes to reclaimed pets suspected of having rabies owners will pay a base impound fee of $70 (dog or cat) and a boarding fee of $18 per day (dog or cat).

This agreement will be renewed each Dec. 1. It can be terminated with 60 days written notice by either party. It will continue in effect after the renewal date pending written notice of changes by either party, according to the agreement.