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USC board declines plan for a new sports stadium

By Staff | Nov 24, 2013

Even though the United South Central School Board rejected a proposed college stadium-type seating complex, Wells Concrete did not pull their $75,000 donation of products to the new USC school building.

The initial donation of $75,000 in product was included if Wells Concrete was the successful bidder in constructing the new school, which they were.

Last Tuesday, Wells Concrete president Dan Juntenen spoke on behalf of the donation.

“We want to do this for the city of Wells,” Juntenen says. “If the board feels strongly that this won’t move forward then we want you to propose an alternate idea. We will be all ears.”

The primary reasons why the board did not agree to the structure was because of the extra costs and placement required, according to superintendent Jerry Jensen.

“The board was concerned about the extra costs that would be needed in addition to the $75,000 in products regarding the stadium seating,” Jensen says.

Wells Concrete envisioned the structure to go on the east side of the athletic fields, not the west side like the board previously decided.

“We would have to move our fields to accommodate the new seating arrangements,” Jensen explained. “The track is already done and at this stage of the layout, it would be difficult and expensive to redo.”

Also present at the meeting was chairman of the Wells Concrete board, Jim Nesius.

He spoke about the donation and how it would be from the people of Wells.

“Wells is our home. We build a lot of schools and we wouldn’t do this sort of thing for anybody else,” Nesius says. “This donation is coming directly from our profits and it will affect every employee in our company. This would be a gift from the people.”

President Juntenen wanted to make it clear that they are not withdrawing their donation offer.

School Board member Mike Schrader asked Juntenen how the School Board should move forward with Wells Concrete in the future, regarding possible alternative ideas.

“It is as simple as a quick phone call or drawing a sketch for us to look at and moving forward from there,” Juntenen said.

Juntenen continued to say Wells Concrete put a lot of thought into this donation. The company did not want to simply cut a check and be done with it.

“Money gets lost in the shuffle, especially when you spend so much of it at once on a project like this,” Juntenen explained. “By having a visual statement, it will be a lasting representation.”

The board could not say thank you enough to the Wells Concrete members who attended the meeting.

Board chair Kathy Krebsbach wanted to let Juntenen know how much the board appreciates Wells Concrete’s offer and the fact that they will not pull it.

“The value being offered is greatly appreciated,” Krebsbach says. “But, at this moment, the timing is not right. I think I speak for the rest of the board when I say we believe Wells Concrete has done a fantastic job with putting our new building together and we truly are thankful.”