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EMTs going door to door in W’bago

By Staff | Dec 1, 2013

Some residents of Winnebago may be wondering why ambulance members have been knocking at their neighbor’s doors recently.

It’s all a part of the Winnebago Area Ambulance department’s effort to get members back on their crew.

Joshua More, the ambulance chief, reported to the Winnebago City Council several months ago about the rapidly decreasing number of volunteers on the department.

“Our advertisements have yielded dismal results,” More says. “So, we’re taking a step further.”

And that step is launching a door-to-door drive in Winnebago in an attempt to recruit more members.

“This method has worked wonders in surrounding communities,” More adds.

The drive has been set in motion for more than a week now and they hope to find some interest in the open positions on the crew.

The second part of the recruitment effort is an informational meeting which was held Sunday, Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. in the Winnebago Municipal Center.

“We’ve had another two crew members move or take a job out of the area and one on a month-long medical leave,” More says.

This decreases the numbers to just 10 crew members. More explains that they normally run with three members to a call.

“To put that in perspective, we would have to pull 34 hours of call a week just to keep two on call at all times,” he adds.

However, that’s assuming the time could be split up evenly among all of the crew members.

“That’s not usually the case,” More says. “We have people regularly pulling more than 100 hours of call time a week.”

He says they have recruited four candidates for the crew who are set to begin classes in January.

“But, they will not be getting their feet wet until the summer,” More says.

In the meantime, they have signed a contract with the South Central EMS to provide the Winnebago Area Ambulance Department with EMTs.

“This will be a patch fix as we work to refill our ranks,” he says.