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USC registration materials might change

By Staff | Dec 1, 2013

United South Central High School will potentially be adding something a little different to their 2014-2015 materials for class registration.

USC principal Kelly Schlaak has been attending meetings with South Central College and other districts about forming integrated academies.

“The idea comes from new legislation that talks about college and career readiness,” Schlaak explains. “There has been discussion about forming four potential academies.”

The four areas would be information technology (IT), mechatronics, health careers and agriculture.

Since USC already has a solid ag program, they would not be quite as interested in forming a new academy, according to Schlaak.

“USC would be looking into the IT academy,” Schlaak says. “That would touch on areas that we don’t currently offer to our students. It would mainly focus on computer hardware and software.”

Students would start the new academy their junior year.

The process for getting into this academy still needs to be ironed out, according to Schlaak.

“There would possibly be an application process and the students would need letters of recommendation, but right now it is still unclear.”

The benefits of the IT program focus on the students not having to actually travel anywhere. All of the classes would be taken online.

The online classes would be taught by SCC professors who have even offered to meet with the students if they needed any help or had certain questions, according to Schlaak.

Also, two of the classes will give the students an opportunity to receive a industry standard certificate.

Principal Schlaak points out that these certificates would be very valuable for someone wanting to go into the IT field.

“I was told that the certificate earned from passing the hardware essentials course is needed to become a member of the Geek Squad,” says Schlaak.

Students would take a class called communications and networking along with the aforementioned hardware essentials class their junior year. Then when the students are seniors they would take a web design course and complete a business course or capstone project.

“We could offer this to one student, or 20,” Schlaak says. “We still have to iron out all the little details, but this would be a great step for USC.”