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W’bago police chief resigns

By Staff | Dec 22, 2013

The city of Winnebago said goodbye to their police chief, Bob Toland, last month and were happy to find a replacement.

However, the replacement was short lived, and they will now have to bid farewell to Mike Beletti and find a new chief of police again.

Beletti, who had previously been employed by the city of Winnebago as a full-time police officer, had been promoted to fill the vacant police chief position.

The council approved his application and hired him. He began as the new chief on Nov. 30.

“Unfortunately, Beletti has accepted a position elsewhere,” city administrator Chris Ziegler explains.

Beletti had submitted his resignation on Dec. 11 as the police chief of the Winnebago Police Department.

“His last day will be Jan. 3,” Ziegler adds.

Beletti had been hired for the position from an internal job posting. Toland had been hired to the position this way, along with the last two chiefs.

The personnel committee recommended promoting Beletti at the November City Council meeting when Toland submitted his request for retirement.

Toland had even submitted a letter of recommendation for Beletti.

“We felt strongly that this was the best choice,”?Ziegler says. “Beletti is well respected in the community.”

The job had not been posted externally yet, since it was recommended they promote from within.

Since their first attempt to promote within fell through, the city will have to explore other options this time.

“We will most likely conduct an external hiring process,” Ziegler says.

The city still has not ironed out all the details for the unexpected resignation from the newly-appointed chief of police. Although Ziegler expects posting the job externally is the best path to choose at this point.