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Computer headaches strike UHD

By Staff | Feb 9, 2014

United Hospital District ended 2013 with a big computer switch over, which is still a big item on their plate at the beginning of the New Year.

The hospital upgraded all of the computer systems to the Meditech program in the beginning of November and has been working out the bugs since.

Hospital administrator Jeff Lang explains while they are excited about the ease the new system will provide, they have encountered two major issues.

The first issue is on the registration end, which he says appears to be an internal work flow issue not due to program function.

“How patients are registered is very important and must be done in the same manner each and every time,”?Lang explains.

There are very specific ways information is supposed to be entered and if it isn’t, a lot of additional work is required to fix it.

“We are in the process of standardizing the registration process and expect to have this in place in the next few weeks,” Lang adds.

The second major issue UHD has seen as a result of the computer upgrade is how the two systems, Meditech and NextGen, connect with each other.

Lang explains the interface between the two allows information to flow between the systems. It would allow sending bills and hospital service reports.

“The interface has yet to fully function correctly,”?he says.

Another issue which was encountered last month with the system was with the pharmacy inventory.

“The fix we put in place for that issue has been successful,”?Lang adds.

Lang states in his administrative report that since the beginning of the project there have been a total of 1,419 problem tickets. Currently there are only 282 of those problem tickets still in process.

“Everyday we are resolving more and more problems,” Lang says. “And despite the issues, the operating room and physical therapy departments have commented that Meditech is working very well for them.”

UHD has a couple aspects or modules that still have to be implemented to the Meditech program and will have software updates for both NextGen and Meditech later this year.