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County wants Second Street ‘footprint’ left at 52 feet

By Staff | Feb 23, 2014

The Faribault County Board of Commissioners spent time at their meeting last Tuesday to continue discussing the Second Street parking issue.

At their last regular meeting Blue Earth City Administrator visited the County Board to gather input from the commissioners and allow them time to consider the options in the Second Street improvement plans set to take place this summer.

The city had voted to widen the street contingent on input from the County Board. However, widening the street would cost the county an additional $15,000 assessment.

“I think we should leave the street the way it is, without spending the $15,000,” commissioner Greg Young says.

But, if the street stays the same width, the threat of losing more parking is still a possibility.

“Either we make it a one way and keep angle parking or go back to the idea of parallel parking,”?commissioner John Roper says. The commissioners felt if the width of the road is kept the same and the city considered turning it into a one-way street, the amount of parking needed for the courthouse could remain the same.

“There are some accommodations that have to be made with having the courthouse here,” Loveall adds.

The county commissioners made a motion to inform the Blue Earth City Council, they wish to keep the dimensions of the street as they are, while proposing the idea of a one-way street in order to maintain the same amount of parking.

The County Board also heard an update from County Engineer John McDonald who had two items to be approved.

The first was the purchase of a new one-ton pickup truck for the street department.

The county sought out bids from two dealers; Fairmont Ford and Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick.

“We only received a bid back from Fairmont Ford,”?McDonald says. “That bid was for $33,955.”

Commissioner Young wondered if they were going to continue buying one-ton and 3/4-ton trucks in the future or if they would be replaced with half-ton trucks eventually.

“We just did the opposite of that a few years ago because the half-ton trucks couldn’t haul everything,” says Commissioner Tom Warmka.

The other item of discussion was to advertise for seal coating oil bids.

“I?need bids for 150,000 gallons of it,” McDonald explains.

The board approved both items after some discussion.