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W’bago raising garbage rates

By Staff | Mar 16, 2014

Winnebago residents will see an increase in their garbage bill after the city renewed a contract Monday night.

However, it is at no fault of theirs or the waste company’s.

B&B?Sanitation of Winnebago had a contract with the city which expired on Dec. 31, 2013.

Dale Foster, of B&B Sanitation, requested the city renew a four-year contract for garbage renewal.

“There will be a $1.10 increase per customer per month,”?city administrator Chris Ziegler says.

The rates will go up from $12.80 to $13.90 upon the council’s approval. The increase is due to the increased disposal costs at Prairieland in Truman.

“If I could avoid raising the rates, I?would,”?Foster says. “But, by law, if there is a disposal in our county we have to use it.”

Foster went on to say that when the Truman facility was built the rates increased in order to help fund the project. Now the rates are going up again.

“So, I just ask for this raise in rates in order for us to be able to afford it as well,”?he explains.

The council approved the increase in rates and the renewal of the four-year contract with B&B Sanitation.

However, those were not the only rates which had to be raised.

The residents of Huntley will also be seeing an increase, but this time with their water and sewer rates.

“Laws indicate the maximum we can raise rates is by 20 percent each year,”?Ziegler explains.

He proposed a rate increase of $3.54 per month this year effective on the May billing. On the May 2015 bill, the rate will increase again by $3.05.

“This should get their rates close to what Winnebago’s is by then,”?Ziegler adds.

The council approved the increase for the May bill this year and again in 2015.

“I chose to apply it to the May bill to give residents ample time to ask questions before the change is applied,”?he says.

In other business;

the city council approved a full facility review to be completed on the Water Treatment Facility.

Reviews like this typically include; roofing, chemical systems, pumps, meters, electrical systems, building maintenence and filter automation and backwash equipment.

The review would cost $4,200 and would help plan ahead for maintenence and repair needs for facility.

the council approved the review and removal from probation of employee Judy Staloch.

“She is a quick learner and helped out a great deal during recent transitions,” Ziegler says. “I recommend we take her off probation and move her to the appropriate step in the salary schedule.”

the council accepted the recent resignation from Bob Toland as the interim Police Chief.

Justin Hensler also submitted a resignation from the police department which was accepted by the council as well.