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County says OK to crematorium

By Staff | Mar 23, 2014

Faribault County will soon have a new location for cremation.

Gene Stallkamp was present at the County Commissioners meeting last Tuesday seeking approval for a conditional use permit.

The CUP would allow Stallkamp to open a pet crematorium on his property located in Foster Township.

“We have never had a request for a permit of this nature,” Michele Stindtman says. “So, this required a lot of research.”

After that research, Planning and Zoning found Waseca County has recently finished a permit for a similar use.

“No one permits this use for household pets,”?she explains. “And, in the case of Waseca county, it would be treated as solid waste and would have to be disposed of in such a manner.”

Stallkamp told commissioners he wasn’t sure of his clientele at the moment but was sure he would want to work mostly in partnership with area veterinarians.

That works out well, since one of the conditions attached to the permit is that Stallkamp wouldn’t be allowed a sign on the lot for advertising his operation.

“I?don’t really want a sign anyway,” Stallkamp says. “I don’t want people just stopping by.”

He adds he will offer his services to clients by appointment as well as through the local veterinarians.

Stallkamp’s facility is already equipped with an incinerator with an afterburner.

“The max capacity of the machine is 600 pounds,”?he adds.

Other conditions of the CUP?included; proper disposal of solid waste to a permitted solid waste management facility, the site must not be used for human cremation, carcasses, if stored, should be stored in a way which minimizes any offensive odors and a maintenence fee of $50 every two years as long as the CUP?is in effect.

“There was a fair amount of discussion on this CUP?because it was kind of a unique thing,” Commissioner Tom Loveall adds.

After hearing the resolution for the CUP, the County Board approved the permit.

They also heard from Nathan Scheid who was also seeking approval for a CUP. But, this one was for something a little more common in Faribault County.

The County Board approved his CUP?for an animal feedlot greater than 1,000 animal units; Scheid will have 1,440 total head on his lot.