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BE boy survives 10-foot fall

By Staff | Mar 30, 2014

Last Monday, at approximately 5 p.m., the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from Chelsey Hledik. She reported her seven year old nephew, Noah Laehn, had been playing in their yard with her son and he had stepped on their septic tank lid and fell into the tank.

“The tank had just been emptied the day before,” mother Lissia Laehn says. “We were very fortunate because he could have drowned if the tank was full.”

The seven year old fell about 10-12 feet into a foot of liquid, according to Laehn.

Upon arrival, Faribault County deputies were able to lower a ladder into the tank and were able to rescue Noah.

The child was then checked over by Blue Earth ambulance EMT’s and then taken to United Hospital District, where he was treated and later released.

“Noah was soaking wet and was treated for hypothermia at the hospital,” Laehn explains. “The only treatment recommended was to take a hot bath or shower. It could have been way worse. He definitely learned his lesson, though.”

The boy hurt his leg, but has no major injuries, according to Laehn.

Also assisting at the scene was the Blue Earth Fire Department.

“We are very grateful for the quick response of the local sheriff’s, police, fire department, the UHD ambulance and ER staff,” she adds.