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BEA schools, police warn businesses of scammers

By Staff | Mar 30, 2014

A recent outbreak of email scams have hit locally in the Blue Earth area.

The Blue Earth police department has released a report regarding email solicitations which have been sent to many area businesses.

The scam involves an email which informs businesses of a sports schedule card for BEA?athletics and asks businesses to donate.

The email goes on to ask for donations between $300 to $550 and the business will have an advertisement included on the card along with copies of the schedule to hand out.

“After being contacted, one local business owner called out to the high school to ask about the sponsorship,” BEA superintendent Evan Gough says.

According to a news release on March 26 the Blue Earth police department has also received reports of this solicitation.

BEA wants the public to be aware of these emails as they are not actually associated with the school district.

“One thing is that a lot of times these scams ask you to send the money to a post office box,”?Gough adds. “The school has a street address so that is sometimes a tip off that things aren’t right.”

Any amount given to this particular solicitor asking for sponsorships for the athletic cards would go to a private individual or company not BEA?schools.

“If you ever question anything of this nature, please call the high school directly,”?the superintendent says.

The police department report also states that anyone receiving a solicitation involving BEA schools which seems questionable should contact the BEA athletic director, Rob Norman, or the Blue Earth police department directly.

“It’s frustrating to have these people soliciting businesses and using the school as a scapegoat,” Gough adds.