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Adventure brought her to Bricelyn

By Staff | Apr 6, 2014

K athy Lowery, a three-year-old at the time, wasn’t trying to run away from home when she took off alone with her stroller down south Main Street in Blue Earth. She was simply looking for an adventure.

That’s exactly what her life has been up to since then an adventure.

As of Jan. 7, Lowery took over as the new Bricelyn City Clerk and Treasurer.

“It’s nice to be close to my original home in Blue Earth again,” Lowery says. “At first, the job was a challenge because of the new software programming I had to learn, but I became familiar with it in no time.”

Lowery has a wide range of experience. Her first job out of college in 1968 was being a civil service secretary in the Pentagon, in the Chief of Naval Operations Department.

“I still don’t know how I?pulled off getting such a great job right out of college in Washington D.C.,” Lowery admits. “They were focussing on hiring people from the Midwest because of their work ethic.”

The two things she remembered were that she wore out a lot of shoes because she did a lot of walking and she got really good at typing.

“First off, I had to walk everywhere because every document needed to be signed by various officers,” she says. “Also, I learned to not screw up any letters because if I made one mistake, I would have to start all over again. There was no delete button.”

The venturous Lowery decided she wanted something different. So, after a year at the Pentagon, she went to work with American Airlines as a reservation agent.

“I have an adventurous spirit,” Lowery says.

Next up for Lowery, she investigated being a legal secretary.

“I started in Virginia and then also went to another law firm in Washington D.C.,” Lowery recalls. “I put a lot of time into those jobs and stayed there for several years.”

After her legal stint, Lowery returned to Minnesota for the first time.

“In 1974 I moved back to Blue Earth in the home I grew up in,” she says.

According to Lowery, her saga continues as a waitress at the White House Dining Room, which is now Jacobsen Winter Funeral Home.

“That dining room used to be the best place to go,” Lowery says. “The hours were convenient for me at the time.”

Lowery then had an opportunity to get back into the legal world and accepted a position with the Faribault County Courthouse as a courthouse clerk.

After her courthouse position, she was offered the position of director of Chamber of Commerce.

“I believe the more experience you have, the more you have to offer to potential employers,” Lowery says.

After a couple of years at the Chamber, Lowery moved on to take a position as an assistant director in Fairmont for a Minnesota State University-Mankato extended campus program.

“I really enjoyed that job,” Lowery says. “But I sadly had to leave because of personal reasons.”

Lowery ended up in Minneapolis and needed to raise more money to support her son.

She then found herself working with International Multifoods Corporation handling human resources and the accounting department.

Next, Lowery once again returned to the legal field, finding a position at a law firm in Bloomington.

“I was basically working two jobs all the time after I moved to the Twin Cities so I could take care of my son,” Lowery adds.

In 1989, Lowery moved to Orlando, Fla.

“I couldn’t stand the winter,” Lowery says. “It was as simple as that.”

She was given an offer at the first interview she had to become a legal secretary.

“But, when I?first moved to Florida, I had one dream,” she says. “And, that was to work for a cruiseline.”

So, she found a job with Carnival Cruiselines and became an embarkation agent at a cruise terminal in Cape Canaveral.

“I was responsible for getting passengers checked in when they arrived and assisting them when they returned to find their luggage and other customer service responsibilities,” Lowery says. “I loved everything about it. I did that for about three years.”

But, Lowery still wanted to work on a cruise ship and have a world-wide itinerary.

“I never ended up being successful, though,” she says. “However, in the process of applying for cruise ships, I was sitting on the beach one day in 1997 and my current husband, John, came on to the same board walk. We were together from that day forward.”

According to Lowery, her husband is a dedicated Christian, has a natural God-given singing voice and, most importantly, is an executive chef.

“It was a perfect match,” Lowery says. “He has the qualifications to work on a cruise ship, but he doesn’t like water. He gets sea sick.”

Lowery had an important decision to make. She pondered being with the “man of her life” or continuing her dream of working on a cruise ship.

“We got married,” she says. “But, six months later, I was offered a position, which I turned down. To this day my husband will look at me and tell me to remember that we are cruising through life together.”

Also, while she was a legal secretary in Orlando, Lowery decided she would like to work with kids. So, she started working daycare on weekends at Disney World.

“I did that for at least seven years,” Lowery says. “I worked at a couple law firms in Orlando over that seven year span.”

After moving from Orlando to Cape Canaveral in 1993, Lowery also worked with a property management company.

“I started as a temp,” she explains. “Then I worked three positions. I was a human resources manager, a health plan administrator and a risk coordinator for about 10 years.”

Lowery returned to Minnesota in 2011, buying a home in Frost. She accepted a long-term temporary position at a law firm in Mankato in 2012.

“My husband and I would commute to Mankato every day for about a year,” Lowery says. “He worked at Charley’s Restaurant and Lounge.”

Last year, Lowery found work at a company called Agilis in Albert Lea; she worked in the data-entry department.

According to Lowery, the Bricelyn mayor offered her the city clerk position last December.

Lowery was provided with vital information regarding her new job at a conference held in St. Cloud.

“The City Council approved my attendance at the annual meeting for clerks and finance officers on March 18-21,” Lowery explains. “The conference had a valuable cross-section of topics and supplied very beneficial information.”

Lowery believes her varied legal background and her multiple responsibilities have prepared her for this job.

“It’s been enjoyable,” she says. “I have been welcomed by every Bricelyn resident.”