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Lorie Line plans a little glam for Blue Earth

By Staff | Apr 20, 2014

Blue Earth has offered many opportunities, year round, for entertainment and is now gearing up its small venue for one very big musical act.

On Sunday, April 27, at 3 p.m., Lorie Line will be celebrating her 25th year of touring right here in Blue Earth.

The Blue Earth Area High School Performing Arts Center will be the site for the pianist’s show, and Line admits it’s going to be a big production.

“That’s what I love about doing shows in smaller towns, people can expect a big production,” Line says.

According to Line, shows performed in towns like Blue Earth are a lot of fun, because she can feel the appreciation from the audience.

But, one might wonder how someone who has toured all over the country, doing shows large and small, has decided to make a stop in Blue Earth.

Well, Line has a little secret to discovering new towns to visit. This particular secret is a man named Scott Rogers.

“He is one of my piano tuners and I have piano tuners all over the country,” Line explains.

She adds that often times one tuner will tune her piano in several locations.

“Eventually they become like friends to you,” Line says. “So one day Scott told me, ‘Lorie, you have to check out Blue Earth, they have the perfect venue for you.'”

It was as simple as that, and Line decided to make it one of her scheduled stops.

“I’m really excited, this will be my first time to Blue Earth,” Line says. “And we opened our tour this past weekend and shook out all our nerves.”

Fans of Line’s are in luck, too, because during her spring tour, she invites fans to stick around after the show for pictures and autographs.

“I love meeting with people after the show. Many times they have been fans for a long time and have lots of fun memories to share with me,” she says.

Accompanying Line will be her band the Fab 5, which consists of Robbie Nordstrom on the violin, Drew Moore on the bass, Marcus Farrow on drums and Mike Linden on guitar.

“They are really young and hip and are very talented and entertaining,” Line adds.

With the help of the Fab 5, Line will be performing lots of new material during this tour. And, she’s doing it in a whole new way.

“Usually I will record the music then promote it on tour,” she explains. “This time I will be performing my new songs throughout the tour then when I come home I’ll record.”

Some songs audiences can look forward to during the Blue Earth concert include ‘Let it Go’ from the movie Frozen and songs from Downton Abbey.

“I love Downton Abbey,” Line adds. “And, of course, I have a costume to match the music.”

She had a costume she once wore during a show about 20 years ago which will make another appearance during this show.

“I love the fashion of that period, too the flapper dresses, hats and gloves,” she says.

As many who are familiar with Line know, a big part of her show is the costumes this tour will be no different.

“I shop long and hard for those outfits. It’s a fashion show,” Line says.

She explains that she set it up to be that way since she first began touring.

One might suspect it comes from another pianist who was one of her earliest inspirations.

“One of my favorite pianists is Liberace. I watched him perform,” Line says. “Entertaining is what he did.”

She tries to do the same thing in her shows.

“I’m not rolling out in a Rolls Royce,” she jokes. “But he threw the glam in his shows and that’s what I do.”

Line got her start performing when she moved to Minneapolis after marrying her husband Tim. She played piano in three Daytons stores when she was noticed by fans.

She then began touring and has been doing so for 25 years.

“I’m actually an introvert, but I’d much rather put on a concert than go to a party,” she says. “It’s my calling; I love entertaining.”

Line has been playing piano for twice as long as she has been touring.

“I began playing when I was five years old,” she says.

Line says her Kindergarten teacher noticed she had a talent for playing the nursery songs by ear. Eventually that teacher convinced Line’s parents to buy her a piano for her sixth birthday.

“Now I’ve been playing piano for 50 years,” Line says.

She admits, she has to pinch herself sometimes because she just can’t believe she’s playing piano and performing for a living.

And, on April 27 some of her fans might be pinching themselves because they’ll be able to see one of her shows right here in town.

Tickets are available online at Line’s website lorieline.com for $39. Group tickets (for 10 or more people) are $34 per person.