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Second BE officer put on paid leave

By Staff | May 12, 2014

In a stunning announcement at the end of the Blue Earth City Council meeting last Monday night, another of the city’s police officers was put on paid administrative leave.

City attorney David Frundt announced the council needed to go into closed session not only to discuss updates in the officer Todd Purvis case, but also to discuss accusations involving police officer Chad Bonin.

When the council broke out of their 20-minute closed session and reopened the meeting to the public and press, they voted unanimously to place Bonin on paid administrative leave and start an internal investigation into the complaints filed against him.

Frundt did not list any of the items in the complaint.

Bonin was hired by the city in April of 2012 to be a full-time officer when Tom Fletcher was named police chief and another officer was needed to fill Fletcher’s position.

With both Purvis and Fletcher not working, city councilman Glenn Gaylord raised the question of whether another full-time police officer needs to be hired.

“I think we need to look at this,” Gaylord says. “We probably need another officer.”

Mayor Rick Scholtes suggested the matter be placed on the work session agenda for the May 19 City Council meeting, and the rest of the council agreed.

Frundt offered no update on the employment status of Purvis after the closed session.

“The council discussed the current situation with officer Purvis after receiving an update on the process,” Frundt says.

While neither the attorney nor the city administrator has released any information on the employment status of officer Purvis, the Faribault County Register published a story last week concerning the police union filing a wrongful termination grievance on behalf of officer Purvis.

The city has not yet officially released information as far as Purvis’s current employment with the city, whether he is still on paid administrative leave or has been fired.

Frundt has said he is unable to confirm or deny the information in that story, or make any statement in the Purvis case at this time.