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She’s ready to help you smile

By Staff | Jun 2, 2014

There’s a new dentist coming to Blue Earth, and this one is bringing something special to the area.

Dr. Samantha Seys will be the first-ever female dentist to have practiced in Faribault County.

Seys will be taking over Blue Earth Family Dental in June after Dr. Craig Gaugh says his farewells.

“If I could take the town of Blue Earth with me and I could continue doing what I’m doing, I would,”?Gaugh says.

In June he will be moving back to Kansas City where he had previously lived and Dr. Seys will be taking his place.

“This place was Dr. John Sawyer’s baby and it was my baby,” Gaugh adds. “So, I know it will be the same for Dr. Seys, as well.”

Seys grew up in rural St. Clair where her father was a farmer and her mother was a dental hygienist.

And, growing up with a mother who is a dental hygienist definitely played into Seys future aspirations.

“My interest in this field is so intense, I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else,”?she says.

She went to Mankato for dental hygiene and graduated in 2002. Then, she decided to go back to school to become a dentist.

“I went to Phoenix, Ariz. and received a chemistry degree in 2008 and finished dental school in 2013,” Seys says.

She has most recently been working in Menomonie, Wis., where she went to gain more experience in her career.

“I?started there knowing it would be temporary,” Seys says.

Now she is more than excited to come back to Minnesota and work in a small-town atmosphere.

“I?am excited about that because in a town like Blue Earth my job is just about taking care of people,” she adds.

And that is what she enjoys focusing on the most.

She visited Blue Earth one weekend when she found out Gaugh would be looking for someone to take over the clinic.

“My mom told me ‘you have to do this,'” Seys says.

Blue Earth Family Dental already has a lot of patients who Seys will continue to work with and take care of.

“I love that I?get to help people with their self confidence,”?she says. “That’s what you’re doing when you’re changing people’s smiles.”

However, sometimes changing people’s smiles requires seeing some patients in pain, Seys admits, which is not her favorite.

“I?hate seeing people in pain, but it is nice to be able to offer them a way out of that pain,”?Seys adds.

By the end of June Seys will be starting in Blue Earth and will be able to do just that.

“The day will be here really fast,”?Seys says. “But I want it to be here now.”

Seys admits she is way more excited to be coming to Blue Earth than she is nervous, and adds having Gaugh’s help has been part of the reason.

“He’s been so helpful and I?think he will continue to be a good resource even after the transition,” Seys says.

Seys has talked about having her own dental practice for quite awhile, but never thought it would happen so soon.

“I’ve thought about it so long, now it is actually happening and as scary as it is, it is so great to have the opportunity,”?she adds.

She feels especially so since Gaugh has built up the patient base he has in the time he has been at Blue Earth Family Dental.

“I?won’t be changing a thing until we really get rolling,”?Seys says.

The current patients have already continued to book cleanings and appointments and Seys says she is always accepting new patients.

And, she will also keep the staff at Blue Earth Family Dental just the way it is, especially since she is already acquainted with some of the employees.

“The staff is just great, and I?actually know one of the hygienists from school,” Seys adds.

And, while Gaugh is sad to leave Blue Earth behind along with all of his patients whom he has gotten to know, he knows he is leaving things in good hands with Dr. Seys.

“She has a tremendous personality and will do very well in this community,”?he says.

The transition will begin on June 19 through the end of June when Seys will take over at Blue Earth Family Dental.