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Too much trash in W’bago recycling site

By Staff | Jun 8, 2014

Some county commissioners wanted to talk trash at their last meeting.

Last Tuesday, the Faribault County Board heard concerns from commissioner Tom Loveall regarding the Winnebago recycling site.

“I’ve been getting complaints,”?Loveall told the board. “People are throwing garbage in there and it’s blowing all over the place.”

The issue seems to have been ongoing and other recycling sites in the county have had similar problems. However, the site in Winnebago is unsupervised in an open location, which Loveall feels is the issue.

“We need to fence that site in and put up a camera or find a new site for it,” he says.

According to Loveall, complaints include: refuse is blown away from the site on to others property; people are throwing garbage which isn’t recycleable into recycle bins causing them to fill up faster; and the bins are overflowing.

“There are piles three feet high that go out four feet long of waste,” Loveall says. “Something needs to happen.”

Loveall had brought the discussion to Faribault County Solid Waste Coordinator Billeye Rabbe who said a plan could be worked on.

Commissioners Tom Warmka and Greg Young are also on the Prairieland committee and answered some of the concerns brought forth about the Winnebago recycling site.

“It’s the people not following the rules that are ruining it,”?Warmka says. “How are we going to enforce it?”

Sheriff Mike Gormley and Deputy Sheriff Scott Adams were present at the meeting and they were asked if anything could be done to enforce the rules.

“It’s no different than throwing a bag of garbage in the ditch,”?Gormley says.

“Illegal dumping that’s exactly what it is,”?Adams adds.

The idea of adding a fence and a camera to the site was discussed. Loveall felt the camera would keep people honest when using the facility.

Regardless of what they decide to do with the site, Loveall urges the board to do something.

“We’ve taken on this concept as a county responsibility, we need to make sure it’s getting taken care of,” Loveall says. “Let’s at least start making an effort to start dealing with this. We’re collecting money to do this so let’s do it.”

Commissioner Bill Groskreutz explained the city of Wells had three 20-yard dumpsters for recycling and that’s the capacity they needed to handle the amount of recycling they receive.

“Bring something to Prairieland let’s get a plan and move forward,” Young says. “Let’s do something about it.”

Later in the meeting Sheriff Gormley requested approval from the County Board to replace the Sheriff department’s 2010 Ford F150.

They received two bids, one from Blake Greenfield Chevrolet in Wells for $16,881.61 after trade in and one from Fairmont Ford for $15,179 after trade in.

The board approved the purchase of a new 2014 Ford F150 for the low bid of $15,179 from Fairmont Ford.