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Bailey resigns

By Staff | Jun 15, 2014

The Blue Earth City Council is going to have to find a new city administrator.

Kathy Bailey has resigned from the position which she has held for the past six years.

Bailey sent a short letter of resignation to Mayor Rick Scholtes early last Monday morning.

The letter simply stated that she hereby tendered her resignation and separates from her contract of employment with the city of Blue Earth.

The council held a brief special meeting early Thursday morning with the purpose of formally accepting the resignation. Several councilmen, including Glenn Gaylord, Dan Brod and John Huisman, were not in attendance due to other commitments.

However, the other three council members and the mayor voted unanimously to accept the resignation.

While getting choked up, Bailey said thank you to the community and the staff members she has worked with.

“This is a great community,” Bailey said. “We have done many things but could not have accomplished them without this staff. I leave you in good hands.”

Bailey said in an interview with the Faribault County Register Monday morning that she does not have another job lined up.

“I don’t plan to continue in city government, or take a city administrator position elsewhere,” she says. “I have been doing this for 16 years (in various cities) and was in state government before that. It is time to take a break. I am a bit burned out.”

Bailey added that her recent review from the City Council had a lot to do with her decision to resign. She received a 2.3 rating out of five.

“It was a major factor,” she says of the review. “But it was not the only factor.”

She said there have been various issues in dealing with the council, but declined to name any specifically.

Bailey gave 30 days notice to the city in her resignation letter, but said she is using her accrued vacation time, so her actual last day in the office was this past Friday, June 13.

Mayor Scholtes says Bailey’s resignation could hardly come at a worse time.

“It is really bad timing,” Scholtes said on Monday. “We have an awful lot going on in the city at this time, including the North Industrial

Park project.”

Scholtes says that the next council meeting on Monday, June 16 will certainly have the topic of finding a new administrator on the agenda.

“I think we need to move on this,” Scholtes told the Register. “It could take as long as three months to fill this position.”

The mayor says he is already exploring the possibility of the city hiring an interim city administrator until a new one can be hired.

“We have a lot going on right now,” he says. “I think we need someone to fill in temporarily.”

Bailey added she is proud of all the accomplishments the city has been able to do while she has been here.

“All the street projects, wastewater plant improvements, construction and rehab at the airport and the new industrial park are all signs of progress,” she says. “I will look back on it with pride.”