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County sells vacant lot for Lions project

By Staff | Jun 22, 2014

The Faribault County Board wants to help a local group turn a vacant lot into something more.

Larry Majeski and Rick Baird of the Wells Lions Club attended the County Board meeting last Tuesday to discuss a piece of land in Wells which is owned by the county.

“We’re always looking for a project,”?Majeski told the commissioners.

And, they had their eye on the lot located at 123 S. Broadway where a dry cleaner used to operate.

“We would like to make a park in that location,”?Majeski explained.

The lot is currently under the county’s ownership and the Lions Club was requesting the sale or donation of the land be made to the city of Wells so they could pursue their project idea.

“I?recommend we sell it to the city for one dollar just because the free thing can come with so many hold ups,” county auditor/treasurer John Thompson says.

The County Board approved the land be sold to the city of Wells for $1. However, commissioner Bill Groskreutz was familiar with the project plans and had spoken with the Wells City Administrator about it.

“Robin Leslie was only concerned with one issue,” he adds.

Leslie had expressed concerns about the potential pollution which may exist from the previous use of the lot as a dry cleaner.

“I wouldn’t be as concerned about that, it would be pretty light in development, if you even want to call it that,”?Thompson adds.

Majeski agreed that it would be light in development meaning everything which will be added to the lot would remain at the surface and would require little digging or moving of dirt.

“We like to see abandoned lots become something,”?commissioner Tom Loveall says.

So, with that stage complete the Wells Lions Club will now move on to the Wells City Council in order to continue with their project.

Also at the meeting, Faribault?County Sheriff Mike Gormley and Deputy Sheriff Scott Adams were in attendance to discuss the idea of offering their services to Blue Earth Area as a school resource officer.

The board approved the proposed arrangement including the addition of another officer to fill the position left by the officer who would be working at the school.

“I think it’s great that BEA is coming up to bat to do this,”?Groskreutz says.