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It’s now official

By Staff | Jun 29, 2014

It’s official.

Faribault County was hit hard by storms the past two weeks and it was a disaster.

The County Board met in an emergency meeting last Tuesday afternoon and officially declared a state of emergency in Faribault County due to storm damage.

The commissioners also passed a resolution requesting a Presidential declaration of a major disaster having hit the county.

“We are listing the dates of the storm damage from June 11 through today, June 24,” Faribault County Sheriff chief deputy Scott Adams told the board. “This is our time period for reporting damage.”

Passing the two resolutions means the county can qualify for state and federal aid, most of which will deal with public infrastructure damage and also recovering costs to county government agencies.

“It does not cover items already covered by private insurance,” Adams said, adding they had already totalled $165,000 in damage which would qualify for assistance. He expects that number to climb much higher.

That figure also does not include damage to crops. Commissioner Tom Warmka said there is going to be a huge economic impact on the county from crop damage.

“We are already past the date for replanting corn, and July 4 is the deadline for replanting soybeans,” Warmka said. “But, it is still too muddy yet to go out and replant.”

Plus, he added, the forecast is for more rain this week.

“This (crop damage) is really going to be big,” Warmka stressed. “Also the damage to buildings, wind breaks and equipment.”

Already on June 19 Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton had declared a state of emergency in 35 Minnesota counties including Faribault County due to storms and flooding.

That Executive Order means a wide range of state resources is available to local counties and engages several state agencies to begin response efforts.