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Bomb found in Bricelyn

By Staff | Jul 14, 2014

A bomb device found in a park restroom in Bricelyn last week was safely detonated by the Bloomington bomb squad.

The device, which appeared to be made from a stick of dynamite, was found in an outdoor restroom at Bricelyn’s Legion Park at approximately 7 p.m on Wed- nesday night.

Photographs of the object were taken by the Faribault County Sheriff’s office and sent to the bomb squad in Bloomington and they determined the item was an explosive device.

According to the sheriff’s department, two members of the Bloomington bomb squad arrived in Bricelyn at approximately 10:30 p.m.

“Based on their experience and training, the technicians determined the object to be potentially dangerous,” the sheriff’s office stated in a news release. “They carefully removed the explosive from the restroom and placed it outside where they detonated it.”

The object caused “a good sized explosion,” according to the release. No other items were found during a search of the park.

The Faribault County Sheriff’s Department warns the public that if they see a suspicious object they are advised not to touch or disturb the item, but to alert the authorities.

This incident in Bricelyn is under investigation and anyone with information or knowledge about this explosive device is asked to call the sheriff’s department at (507) 526-5148, or by dialing 911.