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USC still considering bus garage at cost of $250K

By Staff | Jul 20, 2014

The United South Central School Board revisited the idea of adding a bus garage to the new USC school site at a meeting last Tuesday night.

However, no decision was made.

Kraus-Anderson Construction project manager Justin Webster presented three possible vendors who had three similar bids on a bus garage building.

“Northland Buildings, Inc., Morton Buildings, Inc. and Freeborn Pride, Inc. all had bids ranging from $130,000 to $140,000,” Webster says. “Part of Freeborn’s bid is either a Lester wood-framed building for $147,000 or a Nucore steel-framed building for $140,000.”

The estimated range for a 10,400 square foot bus garage, which includes 10 total bus bays, two of which are insulated, would be $250,000-$290,000, according to Webster.

“That number figures in concrete permits and electric for the entire building,” he says.

According to superintendent Jerry Jensen, if the board decides to go ahead with the bus garage, it would need to include a maintenance area.

“The maintenance department will probably need a bay by itself,” Jensen explains. “It would either need to be included in one of the 10 proposed bays, or we would have to add an additional bay.”

The cheapest option would be adding another bay without doors or windows, according to Webster.

“The dimensions as of right now are 66 feet by 160 feet,” he says. “To go bigger you are looking at adding five to 10 feet around the perimeter.”

There is a pad on the north side of the new school site, which is already prepped and ready for the bus garage if it ends up being approved by the School Board, according to Webster.

“The addition of the bus garage would essentially be a bonus,” Webster says. “It would be a huge accomplishment if we could get this done.”

The board gave permission to Webster to move forward and draft a request for proposal (RFP).

The RFP will include alternatives to possibly add additional space for an extra bay.

If the board decides to go ahead and approve a bus garage, the process will need to get started right away.

“It could potentially be the end of January before you can actually park in it,” Webster explained.

The purpose of the discussion was brought up by Jensen because the process needs to be started.

“It is ideal to have as many buses on site in case of an emergency evacuation situation,” Jensen says. “I’m hoping we will be able to get this done. Right now we have to wait and see after Justin sends out the RFP.”

In other business:

The School Board also decided to go with all blue benches and trash cans for the outside of the new school building.

The board accepted the resignations of Jill Bailey (seventh and eighth grade language arts) and Angie Braunwarth (elementary and vocal music).

The School Board approved membership in the Minnesota School Boards Association at a cost of $3,855 and approved renewing the MSBA’s policy services for 2014-2015.

Also discussed at the meeting was raising activity fee costs for the 2014-2015 school year. However, the board decided not to raise the rates and keep them the same.