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Elmore Academy sold to a Florida company

By Staff | Aug 3, 2014

The question of who purchased the former Elmore Academy from Youth Services International (Y.S.I.) has been answered.

The question of what is now going to happen to the former school building complex has not.

Roxdel, LLC, of Tampa, Fla., a real estate investment company, purchased the property in Elmore near the end of June.

“We actually bought a portfolio of property from Y.S.I., not just the Elmore Academy,” says Derek Sutton of Roxdel. “Part of the deal to acquire several of their properties was that we take the one in Elmore with the others.”

The former Elmore Academy was listed in an ad in the Faribault County Register last June as being part of an online auction sponsored by the Hilco Real Estate company.

The ad listed the former Elmore facility as being 61,000 square feet of buildings on 15 acres plus or minus.

It also stated the value of the property at $250,000 with a suggested opening bid of $100,000.

However, the deed filed at the Faribault County Courthouse lists the price Roxdel paid for the property at $10,000.

Sutton, who is the marketing director for Roxdel, says they are working on what to do with the academy facility, but that no definite plans have been made.

“We are looking at several options for all of these former Y.S.I buildings,” he says. “We are going to formulate ideas in the next several weeks.”

Sutton says his company does not itself operate the buildings, but instead seeks partners who want to put the buildings to good use.

“It could be a local, state, regional or national partner who has an idea for a use for the property,” he says. “We want to find out what use is best for the community, that is the best fit for Elmore.”

One idea being proposed for another of the several Y.S.I. properties Roxdel now owns is to turn it into an assisted living facility.

But, Sutton quickly adds, that is not the plan for the one in Elmore, and says he doubts that idea would work there.

“As of this moment, we do not know what will be done with the (Elmore Academy) building,” Sutton says. “But we hope to have an idea soon. And if anyone locally has a proposal we would be happy to hear it.”

Those proposals can be submitted to Roxdel, LLC, by calling Roxdell property manager Robert Shellnut at (727) 776-2198.