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Paving by school a concern in Wells

By Staff | Aug 17, 2014

Members of the Wells City Council were not happy with the progress of the 11th Street and Sixth Avenue construction project being done by Ulland Brothers, Inc.

A payment request of $311,823.30 was denied by the council because promises Ulland Brothers made were not coming to fruition.

“I was told the pavement would be on the street, but there is not even a piece that I?can see,” council member Ann Marie Schuster says.

The payment request was for 11th Street SW, Sixth Avenue SW, 10th Avenue SW and Highway 22.

City engineer Travis Winter says the plan is to get the streets paved in time before Kernel Days.

“We are doing our best to keep the project on pace,” he explains. “I met with Ulland Brothers and the goal is to start paving this week.”

According to Robin Leslie, the “official” completion date is Aug. 29, so they still have time to be finished for the school opening.

“The issue is being ready for the all-school reunion tours,” she says. “We were told we would have some pavement down by last week.”

Schuster says it is a big deal because people really want to see that school and they might not be able to if the roads are being paved.

“We have a new school opening in three weeks and there is no excuse for this not to be done because they told us it would be done in time.”

Council member Gary Robbins pointed out the fact that Ulland Brothers, Inc. is also working on a project regarding Highway 109.

“I can see how they have a lot on their plate,” he says.

Public Works street foreman Mike Pyzick is concerned that the Highway 109 project is taking priority over the 11th Street and Sixth Avenue projects.

“What I have witnessed before is the projects not given priority are the ones referred to as hurry-up projects,” he explains. “I hope we have one of our men watching very closely.”

Ultimately, if the pavement does not get finished, then people could still possibly drive on Sixth Avenue SW, Leslie says.

“It’s pretty torn up so they can get out there, just not easily,” she concludes.

In other business:

The Wells City Council approved a petition from the United South Central Athletic Booster Club stating they rename 11th Street SW to “Rebel Road.”

They decided to order another sign, which will be more decorative and with school colors reading “Rebel Road.” The 11th Street SW sign will still be visible, too.

According to Robin Leslie, this idea of renaming a road is a popular one among new school buildings.

There is Tiger Lane in Albert Lea and a Knights Lane in Lake Crystal, where their schools are located.

The council discussed the curbside recycling program again, but no formal decision was made.

The plan is to invite the township board to their next meeting and discuss possible plans of action moving forward.

The council accepted a low bid of $26,400 to Pro Guard Roofing and Restoration, Inc., to fix the Wells Liquor Store roof.

“Whether we stay in that building or not, the roof needs to be done,” Schuster explained.